5 Ways To Survive The Wait Till Bridgerton Season 3

5 Ways To Survive The Wait Till Bridgerton Season 3
Image credit: Netflix, STARZ

Have you tried it all?

The countdown to Bridgerton Season 3 has finally started, but if anything, the triple number of days until May 16, when the first part of the chapter will land on Netflix, is sending fans into a state of despair rather than cheerfulness.

If you are among those who find the Bridgerton drought unbearable, here are five ideas for how to spend these 5 Bridgerton-deprived months.

Rewatch the Show

This may seem like a ridiculous recommendation, but rewatching the two released seasons and the spinoff Queen Charlotte actually helps with the Bridgerton itch. New, unexpected details and insights open up with each rewatch, and it provides a great opportunity to take to social media and discuss those details with fellow fans.

Plus, by the time Season 3 rolls around, you will be a Bridgerton expert, able to spot all the references and hidden Easter eggs at a glance.

Watch Other Historical Dramas

While Bridgerton is a fantasy and loose retelling of the lives of high society during the Regency era, it is still a romantic period drama of sorts. If that aspect appeals to you, try checking out other acclaimed series in the genre.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas:

Read Julia Queen

Of course, the best way to satisfy your Bridgerton hunger is to read the novels that became the foundation of the beloved series. The Bridgerton book series consists of nine novels, one for each sibling and the collection of epilogues for each story.

But that is not all. The author has also written two Bridgerton prequels - Queen Charlotte, based on Shonda Rhimes' show, and the Rokesby series, which follows the Bridgertons and their country neighbors, the Rokesbys, during the time when Edmund was a young man still courting Violet.

For fans of Lady Whistledown, there is a series dedicated to the mysterious columnist of the ton. And the Smythe-Smith Quartet series focuses on the minor characters from the original books.

Read Other Authors

Julia Quinn is one of the most popular authors in the historical romance genre, but she is far from the only one. If you've already read everything she's penned, check out other hit novels and book series. The range of authors and themes is so vast that you can be sure that every one of your kinks has found a place in one or more stories.

The good idea is to listen to audiobooks while going about your usual daily business.

Read (& Write) Fanfiction

If it is the Bridgertons that stir your emotions and no other fictional character can compare, there is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the pairing of your choice. Read fanfiction written by other fans. At this point, every possible pairing in the Bridgerverse has been explored in fan-created stories.

Haven't found what your soul is longing for? Write it yourself. This is not only a good way to survive the Bridgerton drought, but also a great self-development tool. Who knows, you might just be the next Julia Quinn.