7 Non-Romantic Relationships Bridgerton S3 Must Bring To Light

7 Non-Romantic Relationships Bridgerton S3 Must Bring To Light
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It's not all about the romance.

With Bridgerton, Shondaland has proven that its creators are best at bringing the steamiest and most romantic scenes to the screen. But the show wouldn't be nearly as successful if it were purely about that: the fluff and the spice.

The Bridgerverse is so easy to get lost in thanks to its characters, who are exquisitely written, cast, and portrayed. Two seasons and a spinoff in, we already consider the title family and the rest of the Ton our best friends.

That's why, in addition to the love story of Penelope and Colin, which is set to arrive on May 16, Bridgerton fans are eagerly anticipating the non-romantic subplots involving other beloved characters.

Here are seven of the most talked about in fan discussions.

Kate & Eloise

This is the first time a previous lead is set to return to the show. So fans are hoping that Kate will get enough screen time in Season 3 to spend time with each member of her new family. Especially since she is now their female head.

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The relationship that's already established and certainly deserves more attention is that between Kate and Eloise. With her 'spinster' background, Kate can understand Eloise like no other and perhaps help her get into the mindset necessary for her solo season.

Kate & Gregory

Another Bridgerton sibling that fans would like to see Kate interact with more is Gregory, the youngest brother. It may come as a surprise to casual viewers, but readers of the original novels know how much Gregory adored his sister-in-law in the books. Spoiler alert: He even named his first child after her.

Francesca & Violet

Fran is having her debut season this year, so she will need all the support her family can give her, especially from her mother (who hopefully learned her parenting lesson from Daphne's season). The Francesca/Violet bond is so adorable in the books that fans can't wait to see it blossom on screen. It would be a perfect way to build up to Fran's season, whenever that happens.

Hyacinth & Anthony

In the books, Anthony is Hyacinth's favorite because he is basically the only father figure she has had. As she grows up, Hyacinth is nothing like her well-behaved, shy older sisters. And when we get to her solo season (fingers crossed), Anthony will have to deal with a lot of hijinks. So it would be nice to start setting up that fun dynamic now.

Lady Danbury & Penelope

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Of course we couldn't miss the two wallflowers. Together, Lady Danbury and Lady Whistledown are a mighty force of nature. There's absolutely no way they won't be up to something in Season 3. And we are there for every second of it.

Benedict & Eloise

Hands down the best and most nuanced non-romantic relationship on the show so far is the second and fifth Bridgerton siblings, who bond over being the two outsiders to society. But no matter how much we see them together, it's never enough. So we demand more sweet swing talk scenes in Season 3.

Newton & Everyone

We know, we know, Newton is just a dog. But he's our favorite dog. And. We. Want. To. See. More. Of. Him.