Not Just Mobius: All Rumored Cameos To Appear In Deadpool 3

Not Just Mobius: All Rumored Cameos To Appear In Deadpool 3
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...and one confirmed.

Now that The Marvels has hit theaters, MCU fans are gearing up for the next blockbuster, Deadpool 3, which is set to premiere on July 26, 2024, and so far promises to perform much better than its predecessor.

The third entry in the Deadpool franchise is highly anticipated by fans, not only because it is set to bring back Ryan Reynolds' fan-adored character and unparalleled raunchy R-rated humor, but also because it will mark the new era for the MCU.

While not much is known about the plot, the movie is guaranteed to be a wild ride with the full introduction of mutants into the MCU and a deep dive into the multiverse.

Where there's a multiverse, there are cameos. The previous Marvel movies have taught us that much. So in addition to Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine and the original Deadpool cast returning to the big screen, fans are hoping to see a slew of older and newer Marvel actors. The speculation doesn't stop for a second.

If you're already lost in all the Deadpool 3 rumors, we've put together a guide to all the actors whose names have popped up in fan discussions, along with a brief commentary on each one. Enjoy.

Full List Of All Rumored And Confirmed Deadpool 3 Cameos

  1. Jennifer Garner as Elektra - This is the only officially confirmed cameo at this time.

  2. Owen Wilson as Mobius - The actor was spotted on the set of Deadpool 3.

  3. Tara Strong as Miss Minutes - Insiders have mentioned the TVA AI cameo.

  4. Tom Hiddleston as Loki - The actor is playing coy about appearing in the movie, but since the TVA is apparently part of it, fans are hoping for at least a small cameo.

  5. Patrick Stewart as Professor X - The actor has teased the appearance of both his character and his long-time on-screen nemesis, Magneto.

  6. Ian McKellen as Magneto - Following in the footsteps of his co-star and friend, the actor also teased a possible cameo.

  7. Halle Berry as Storm - The actress posted a selfie of herself rocking Storm's hairstyle.

  8. Rebecca Romijn as Mystique - The actress stated that she would be open to reprising the role.

  9. James Marsden as Cyclops - Inside sources say Cyclops is ready to shake up the multiverse.

  10. Famke Janssen as Jean Grey - Where there's Cyclops, there's Jean Grey, right?

  11. Walker Scobell as Kidpool - Ryan Reynold hinted that the alternate younger version of Wade Wilson will appear in the third film.

  12. Brian Cox as General Stryker - Stryker vs. Deadpool? Yes, please.

  13. Dafne Keen as X-23 - A scooper reported that Marvel was in talks with the actress to play the adult clone daughter of Logan.

  14. Channing Tatum as Gambit - The actor has wanted to play Gambit forever, and now is the perfect opportunity.

  15. Lewis Tan as Shatterstar - Although the character was killed off in the second film, the actor teased his return.

  16. Ben Affleck as Daredevil - The actor was reportedly spotted on set, sending the fandom into a frenzy.

  17. Julian McMahon as Doctor Doom - This is the only original Fantastic Four cast member rumored to appear in Deadpool 3.

  18. Taron Egerton as Wolverine - This is more wishful thinking than a rumor, but hey, who knows.

  19. Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine - Actually, the rumor is that the actor has been cast in a secret role, but come on, we all want him to play a Wolverine variant.

  20. Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch - The rumor of Olsen's cameo was debunked by the account that faked it, but you can't stop people from talking, right?

  21. Taylor Swift as Dazzler - This seems to be the cameo that the whole fandom is buzzing about. All the evidence seems to add up. But what are the chances really?