10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable

10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable
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Decades of political maneuvering, cloaked in the grandeur of cinema.

1. "The Ides of March"
10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable - image 1Picture a high-stakes game of poker. Except this isn't poker; it's an election. George Clooney is Mike Morris, the suave Democrat going for the Presidential win. Ryan Gosling? The hotshot campaign staffer, Stephen Meyers.

Now, fold in backroom deals, a scandal so spicy it could make a jalapeño weep, and layers of deceit. Ever think politics was a straightforward game? Think again. It's a drama that's both sleek and smart, but can you tell who's bluffing?

2. "All the President's Men"
10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable - image 2Roll back the years to 1972. Watergate scandal? Rings a bell? Good. Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, AKA the dynamic duo – Bernstein and Woodward. The Washington Post newsroom becomes a war room, with typewriters clacking louder than ever. Breaking news isn't broken—it's chiseled out, bit by tantalizing bit.

It's old-school journalism with a side of suspense. Despite the evident age, does the film still pack a punch? Like a well-aged wine, my friend.

3. "Vice"
10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable - image 3Cheney. No, not a new type of cheese, but the man pulling strings behind George W. Bush. The world? Just a grand stage for his ambitions. From his humble beginnings to the Vice Presidency, witness the rise (or descent, depending on how you slice it) of a political mastermind.

Christian Bale, fat suit and all, morphs into the man himself. Love him, loathe him, or love to loathe him, the film's dark humor and jabs at power dynamics are something to chew on. A quirky yet enlightening deep dive into the underbelly of politics? Quite possibly.

4. "The King's Speech"
10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable - image 4Take a king. Now, strip away the grandeur, and what do you have? A man with a speech impediment. King George VI, tossed into the limelight, struggles to address his nation on the brink of World War II.

Colin Firth stammers and stutters, but the real star? Geoffrey Rush, the unorthodox speech therapist. It's a film where words, or the lack of them, resound louder than actions. Period drama with a personal touch, you say? Well, sometimes kings wear their crowns heavy.

5. "Lincoln"
10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable - image 5Big hat. Grand statue. That's Abraham Lincoln for you. But Spielberg's "Lincoln" is less about the monument and more about the man. Daniel Day-Lewis breathes life into the iconic president, battling not just the Civil War, but also the Congress. The goal? Abolishing slavery.

It's no walk in the park, as ideologies clash and tempers flare. A meticulous look into history's corridors, this one's not just about the man who led, but about the path he tread. Is it a long watch? Certainly. But isn't history, in its full glory, worth every minute?

6. "Frost/Nixon"
10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable - image 6Two men. One room. Lights. Camera. Confrontation. David Frost, a British talk show host, goes toe-to-toe with the once-mighty Richard Nixon, post-Watergate.

No spies, no covert ops, just words as their weapons. It's a cinematic boxing match, with both parties weaving and ducking, trying to land that knockout punch. What emerges isn't just a revelation about Nixon but about the power dynamics of an interview.

Ever thought talk shows were fluffy? Well, sometimes, they hide the sharpest barbs.

7. "Charlie Wilson's War"
10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable - image 7Tom Hanks, playing Charlie Wilson, a congressman who likes his whiskey strong and his company lively. Yet, amidst his escapades, there's a burning issue: Afghanistan's resistance against the Soviets.

A beauty queen, a rogue CIA agent, and our man Wilson conspire to funnel support covertly. Humor? Check. Intrigue? Double check. It's not your standard geopolitical drama; it's politics with a twist. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a little fun sprinkled over their history lessons?

8. "Argo"
10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable - image 81979, Iran. Hostages? Taken. The mission? Extract them. Enter Tony Mendez, played by Ben Affleck, with a plan so outrageous, it just might work. The cover? A fake Hollywood film crew scouting locations in Tehran.

Yup, Hollywood meets CIA in a bizarre mashup. The tension? Thick enough to cut with a knife. While some events might be Hollywood-ified, the gripping nature of this "based on true events" tale is undeniable. Drama, deception, and a dash of dark humor—what's not to love?

9. "Miss Sloane"
10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable - image 9Jessica Chastain. As fierce as they come, playing Elizabeth Sloane, a lobbyist who doesn't play by the rules, but sure knows how to bend them. The stage is set: gun control. The adversaries? Formidable. The stakes? Sky-high.

Miss Sloane maneuvers the political maze, making moves and countermoves in this high-octane political thriller. Think politics is all talk? Watch and witness the scheming, plotting, and backstabbing. It's chess, not checkers, after all.

10. "Thirteen Days"
10 Political Dramas That Are Highly Rewatchable - image 10The Cuban Missile Crisis: not a joyful time for the world, teetering on the brink of nuclear war. Kevin Costner, playing Kenny O'Donnell, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the most perilous 13 days in history. The Kennedys, the Soviets, the missiles – it's a volatile cocktail waiting to explode.

It's a nail-biter, not because you don't know the ending, but because you realize how close the end could have been. Intense? Like the midday sun.