Wild Violet Fan Theory Takes Bridgerton S3 Drama To New Level

Wild Violet Fan Theory Takes Bridgerton S3 Drama To New Level
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In fact, there are three theories, each more dramatic than the last.

The Bridgerton spin-off, Queen Charlotte, shed new light on the character of Violet Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell) and her relationship with the sharp-tongued auntie of the ton, Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh).

Suddenly, fans saw these two not just as supporting characters, but as full-fledged players in their own right. And now many are certain that the Queen Charlotte storyline will be picked up by Bridgerton Season 3.

What Happened in the Spinoff

As a reminder, the spinoff revealed that young Agatha Danbury had a brief but passionate affair with Lord Ledger, Violet's father, after her husband's death. In the present timeline, the adult Violet discovered this scandalous truth and apparently came to terms with it, forgiving Agatha.

Violet herself was shown to have finally emerged from years of mourning for her late husband and to have discovered a desire to find herself in the arms of a new lover, which both frightened and energized her.

Taking these two arcs into consideration and adding a behind-the-scenes promo image to the bigger picture, Bridgerton fans have come up with a few theories, each wilder than the last, about what's in store for Violet and Agatha in Season 3.

Is Marcus Anderson Part of Violet and Lady Danbury's Arc?

Fans noticed that during the filming of promo materials for Season 3 (can you believe they are coming soon?), new Bridgerton cast member Daniel Francis posed with Ruth Gemmell and Adjoa Andoh.

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Francis will be playing a certain Marcus Anderson, a character about whom we have very little information. Deadline reported that he is 'a charismatic presence who lights up any room he enters, attracting the notice of certain matriarchs in the town — and the ire of others.' And now those words seem to have taken on new meaning.

Based on the press pictures, fans theorized that Marcus would be part of the storyline picked up from Queen Charlotte. And that gave rise to three drama-filled theories.

Theory 1: Marcus Is Violet's New Lover

Since Violet is ready to become the heroine of her own romantic storyline, it is natural to assume that the new charming member of London society could catch her attention. She is a beautiful woman, and we can certainly see her with a younger man like Marcus.

However, Violet's children and the ton in general might not be so happy about the affair. What will Penelope do when she finds out? Will she write about it in the Lady Whistledown column?

Theory 2: Marcus Is Violet's Half-Brother

Agatha only spent one night with Lord Ledger, but that could have been enough to get her pregnant. So some fans think Marcus might be her long-lost son, returning to London to meet his mother.

Imagine his surprise when he finds out he has a half-sister and a bunch of nephews and nieces, not to mention the shock of the ton when they discover the Ledger-Danbury affair.

Theory 3: Marcus Is Both

Some fans go even further and think that Marcus might turn out to be both Violet's love interest and her half-brother. Imagine how mind-blowing that would be, a proper Star Wars mess right there.

Given Shonda Rhimes' penchant for drama, this is not entirely out of the question. We just hope that if it does happen, Violet and Marcus do not have time to consummate their attraction to each other.

Source: Reddit, Deadline.

Do you think incestuous subtones are possible in Bridgerton?