When will Netflix Break Radio Silence? All Bridgerton and Polin-Related Dates Perfect For It

When will Netflix Break Radio Silence? All Bridgerton and Polin-Related Dates Perfect For It
Image credit: Netflix

There is still a chance for a meaningful promo campaign.


  • The Bridgerton fandom has been left without any updates on the third season for a few months now.
  • Netflix has an opportunity to redeem itself with a meaningful promo campaign.
  • Both the series and the Season 3 lead couple have special anniversaries when the new updates could be released.

Another news-free day in the Bridgerverse has come and gone. The last time we had an update on Bridgerton Season 3, which is set to revolve around the love story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton aka Polin, was in June during the Tudum event, when Nicola Coughlan presented four first-look stills.

Since then, both Netflix and Shondaland have been sitting on the show. Its social media accounts have been overtaken by spinoff Queen Charlotte and haven't seen a new post in months.

No sneak peaks, no teasers, no trailers, and most importantly, no release date information. It almost seems that the youngest Bridgerton cast members will have grandchildren graduating from college by the time Season 3 premieres.

If the Bridgerton drought is driving you crazy, here's a positive thought for you. Netflix will have to break radio silence at some point. Hopefully sooner rather than later. And hopefully they do it with a bang and in a way that makes the long wait worthwhile.

Redeeming Marketing Campaign

Over the years, the Bridgerverse fandom has compiled a list of dates and events related to the show and its lead pairings. If Netflix is looking to redeem itself in the eyes of fans, it would make sense for them to align their Season 3 promo campaign with these dates.

Considering the rumors of a spring 2024 release, the studio already has a perfect schedule of new updates and announcements planned for them.

The end of the SAG-AFTRA strike

Of course, there is no exact date, but we hope that the deal will be signed soon and that the Season 3 cast will be able to return to social media and tease something.

December 25: Season 1 Premiere

Christmas Day is a special day for fans as it marks the third anniversary of the romantic series. We sure hope to get more than just a few old photos like last year.

February 14: Valentine's Day

This is a day to celebrate love and also the day when the release of Queen Charlotte was announced.

So Netflix can finally announce the Season 3 premiere date, presumably?

March 25: Season 2 Premiere

The perfect day for a teaser clip.

April 3 to 9: Polin Week

Polin fans celebrate the love between Penelope and Colin, and we hope Netflix will join in with the release of the official trailer.

April 6: Penelope falls in love with Colin in the book

This is part of Polin Week and a good opportunity to let the new leads shine.

April 8: Penelope's Birthday

Since Colin's exact birthdate is not confirmed, we need to celebrate Pen's harder.

April 16: First Kiss

Should we even comment? Give us a first look at the kissing scene!

April 20: Carriage Passion, Engagement

Well, we know the carriage scene is happening, can we probably get a peek inside?

April 24: Engagement Ball, First Sex

This is a big date for the couple and another trailer with steamy scenes would be great.

May 1 (roughly): Polin Wedding

The book couple gets married in the year 1824, one week after their Engagement Ball, and what is it if not the perfect date for the Season 3 premiere? After all, it is their 200th anniversary.

Do you agree with such a plan for the Bridgerton Season 3 marketing campaign?