What Does The End Of The Actors Strike Mean For Bridgerton?

What Does The End Of The Actors Strike Mean For Bridgerton?
Image credit: Netflix

Nothing stands in the way of the marketing campaign for the Polin season now.

The SAG-AFTRA strike is over, and that means the wheels of Hollywood are turning again. Dozens of shows are getting updates about their future. Dozens but one.

Netflix and Shondaland are still keeping radio silence on Bridgerton Season 3, which is set to follow the budding romance between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, whose pairing is usually referred to as Polin.

To be fair, the tentative deal between the Hollywood actors and the major studios was reached mere hours ago, and the Bridgerton showmakers still have time to treat the show's massive fan base to some new information. Still, we hope they hurry.

Here is what we expect to happen in the Bridgerverse in the near future.

Start of Actor Promotion

Many fans felt uneasy that Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton were not able to promote their season. The actors are based in the UK and are not members of SAG-AFTRA, but in solidarity with their American colleagues they didn't participate in any promo events for Bridgerton.

Well, nothing is stopping them now. Considering that both actors are the true captains of the Polin ship, we expect them to start promoting the hell out of Season 3 on their social media accounts and in various interviews.

Social Media Buzz

Speaking of social media, the Bridgerton accounts have been abandoned for some time now. All profile pictures and latest posts (which date back weeks) have been taken over by Bridgerton spinoff Queen Charlotte. It almost seems that the SMM team is on strike as well.

Well, it is time to set up the accounts for Polin, update the profile pictures and make new posts with behind-the-scenes photos, interviews and first-look stills.

New Promo Materials & Sneak Peeks

Of course, now that the actors can participate in the marketing campaign, we expect them to take part in quizzes, games, get-togethers and other heartwarming promo videos.

Besides, we haven't seen anything from Season 3 except for four Tudum stills, so new first-looks and teasers are a must.

Premiere Date Window

This is the most important one. It's been almost 20 months since the premiere of Season 2 and fans are tired of waiting for information about the release of the Polin chapter.

The new episodes are unlikely to land on Netflix this year, but it would be great to at least know a premiere window, like winter 2024 or spring 2024. That would give fans an idea of how much longer they have to wait and keep their anxiety down.