The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked

The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked
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So we've all binged the big-hitters in the rom-com game — like "Crazy Rich Asians" and "La La Land" — but what about those hidden gems that slip through the cracks?

You know, the kind you stumble upon on a lazy Sunday and can't help but fall in love with.

1. "What If" (2013)
The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked - image 1Remember Daniel Radcliffe, the boy who lived? Well, he's all grown up and navigating the murky waters of friendship and love in this one. He plays Wallace, a med-school dropout who's totally disillusioned by love.

Then he meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan), an animator who's already got a boyfriend. They decide to be "just friends," but c'mon, when has that ever worked out? They share late-night phone calls, help each other through work crises, and even have this super cute moment involving Cool Whip at a grocery store.

2. "The Incredible Jessica James" (2017)
The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked - image 2Yeah, yeah, Netflix Originals sometimes get a bad rap, but hear me out. This one's got Jessica Williams playing a young, aspiring playwright who's trying to get over her ex.

In comes Chris O'Dowd, a divorcee still not over his ex-wife. These two find each other through a dating app and, at first, it's purely rebound territory. They attend a baby shower and theater events together, and slowly, they help each other heal from their past relationships.

3. "Celeste and Jesse Forever" (2012)
The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked - image 3Before Andy Samberg was making us laugh in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," he starred alongside Rashida Jones in this heartbreaking rom-com.

They play Celeste and Jesse, a separated couple trying to maintain their friendship while, you know, getting divorced. They still hang out all the time, make jokes, and even live in the same property — she in the main house, he in the guest house. But things start to get complicated when Jesse becomes a father with another woman.

Rashida Jones co-wrote the script, and you can feel the authenticity in every awkward interaction.

4. "Ruby Sparks" (2012)
The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked - image 4Alright, how's this for high-concept? A struggling writer, Calvin (Paul Dano), writes about his dream girl, Ruby (Zoe Kazan), and she magically comes to life!

At first, it's a real-life fairy tale. They do couple-y things, like cooking and visiting his family. But the catch is, she only acts how he writes her to be. So when he writes that she's fluent in French, voila! She parlez-vous français.

5. "Sleeping with Other People" (2015)
The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked - image 5This one's a modern twist on the classic "When Harry Met Sally." Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie play Jake and Lainey, who lose their virginity to each other in college and then meet again years later at a sex addicts meeting. Yikes!

They decide to keep it platonic because, well, they've both got issues. They come up with a safe word for when things get too sexual — mousetrap! They talk about their failed relationships, help each other with their love lives, and share an adorable ecstasy-fueled dance at a kid's birthday party. No big deal.

6. "The DUFF" (2015)
The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked - image 6High school. A time of acne, angst, and social labels. Enter Bianca (Mae Whitman), your average teen who learns she's been labeled the DUFF — Designated Ugly Fat Friend — by her more popular pals. Ouch, right?

She enlists the help of her charming neighbor Wesley (Robbie Amell) to get a makeover and win over her crush. They make a deal: she'll help him pass science if he helps her become "dateable." Of course, they grow closer with each makeover session, and well, you can guess where that's heading.

7. "Obvious Child" (2014)
The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked - image 7Sometimes life throws you curveballs — or in Donna's case, a positive pregnancy test after a one-night stand.

Jenny Slate plays a stand-up comedian who's not exactly nailing adulting. She meets Max (Jake Lacy) in a bar, and after a drunken romp, finds herself pregnant. Instead of falling into melodrama, the movie tackles the situation with humor and nuance. They go on this incredibly real, incredibly awkward date where Donna performs a stand-up about her situation without telling Max it's all true.

A comedy about an unplanned pregnancy? Yep, it exists, and it's surprisingly sweet.

8. "About Time" (2013)
The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked - image 8Not your typical rom-com, but hear me out. Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) learns from his dad that the men in his family can time-travel. Naturally, he uses this power to improve his love life. He meets Mary (Rachel McAdams), and they fall in love — multiple times, actually, thanks to his do-overs. But it's not all cute moments and romantic dinners. Tim also learns some hard lessons about life and love that not even time-travel can fix.

Oh, and the box office? The film pulled in about $87 million globally, not too shabby for a movie that many missed!

9. "Two Night Stand" (2014)
The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked - image 9What's worse than a bad one-night stand? Being snowed in with your regrettable hook-up. That's the premise of "Two Night Stand" starring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton.

They meet online for a no-strings-attached fling but get trapped together due to a snowstorm. Awkward, right? They take this opportunity to critique each other's "performance," leading to, well, a better understanding of each other and of what they're looking for in relationships.

10. "Friends with Kids" (2011)
The Most Underrated Rom-Coms of the 2010s, Ranked - image 10Imagine being the last childless couple in your friend group. Kind of isolating, right? That's where Jason (Adam Scott) and Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt) find themselves. They're besties who decide to have a kid together while keeping their romantic lives separate. Sounds easy, right? Not so much.

Their dynamic shifts as they date other people (enter Megan Fox and Ed Burns) but find themselves gravitating back to each other in those middle-of-the-night parenting moments.