New Bridgerton Sneak Peek Promises Francesca Tough Start to S3

New Bridgerton Sneak Peek Promises Francesca Tough Start to S3
Image credit: Netflix

Season 3 is going to draw beautiful parallels.


  • Netflix has released a new teaser for Bridgerton Season 3.
  • Although it's short, fans noticed many interesting details, one of which is the scene with Francesca Bridgerton.
  • The scene shows Fran in an agitated state, which sets up an intriguing new arc and promises some exciting creative decisions in the upcoming episodes.

It's the week of trailers, sneak peeks and official announcements on Netflix. Naturally, the streaming platform included a new promo for its flagship romantic drama Bridgerton, which will premiere in two parts on May 16 and June 13 this year.

Considering that it is also the week of the show's Season 2 rewatch, Netflix opted to show a short one-minute clip featuring former leads Kate and Anthony aka Kanthony, now in their blissful married era.

Swoonworthy Clip

These two are just adorable, right? You can easily swoon over this video for hours (which Bridgerton fans have done, of course). And every time you watch it, new details come to light.

At first, you see just Kanthony. Then you notice Penelope standing in the corner of the ballroom with an expression of frustration. Her gown, seen in the previous teaser, suggests that the scene is set during the first ball of the season at Lady Danbury's manor, which means it is Episode 1.

Finally, the first few seconds of the clip make you wonder what's going on with Francesca. She comes to Anthony looking pretty stressed and asks the older brother (and head of the household) for some time alone. What could have made her so agitated?

Introverted Debutante

We know that Fran is turning 18 and about to make her debut in society in the upcoming chapter. But entering the marriage market won't be easy for her because of her nature.

Hannah Dodd, who recently stepped into the role of Francesca, told Shondaland that her character is an introvert who prefers one-on-ones with her family and friends to large social gatherings.

'When she goes into the ton, she [...] gets a bit intimidated,' the actress said.

At the same time, Francesca is stunningly beautiful, and in Julia Quinn's books she was the Diamond of the season, so there's no doubt that Queen Charlotte will proclaim her the most desirable bachelorette of the ton, and Lady Whistledown will echo that sentiment.

All of which brings us to the new sneak peek. As Francesca approaches Anthony, we see a group of men in the background, all looking at her with interest and desire. It suggests that Fran is getting all the attention an eligible young woman in the Regency era could hope for, but it gets too much for her. Introverted as she is, she must feel her social batteries drained, so she asks to be left alone for a moment.

Arc Set Right

With Francesca's arc, the Bridgerton creators have once again proven that they are the best in the business.

It's an interesting, fresh take on the character and a nicely done contrast to Season 1's Daphne, who was proud and excited to be Diamond, and Penelope, who feels like she's not getting enough attention.

Plus, there's no doubt that the rough start to the season will warm viewers up to Fran, and we all will be eagerly awaiting her solo installment.

Source: Shondaland.

When do you think Francesca's solo season will come?