Netflix, Take Note. New Bridgerton S3 Fan Trailer Is Awesome

Netflix, Take Note. New Bridgerton S3 Fan Trailer Is Awesome
Image credit: Netflix

The video reminds us of the thrilling drama Bridgerton could have, but probably won't.


  • The Bridgerton drought is devastating, so fans are taking matters into their own hands.
  • One of them recently created a Season 3 trailer entirely from released footage.
  • The video is so good that viewers have found themselves hyped up for the Lady Whistledown drama.

It's been exactly 21 months since Bridgerton Season 2 landed on Netflix on March 25, 2022, and was consumed by fans in one exciting and emotional sitting.

Shortly thereafter, we learned that Season 3 of the bodice-ripping series would focus on the third son and third daughter, Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington.

After that, things went into an extremely slow mode. The arrival of the Bridgerton spinoff Queen Charlotte and the 2023 Hollywood strikes resulted in Season 3 being pushed back further and further without much info being released.

It was only a few days ago that we learned when the new episodes will finally come out: May 16 and June 13, 2024. As for any new details and material from the upcoming season, fans are still suffering from the drought, broken only by a few first-look stills.

Fans take matters into their own hands

Tired of drooling over the same images for months and waiting for Season 3 crumbs, fans are taking matters into their own hands. They've been speculating about the plot of the upcoming chapter, writing Bridgerton fanfic, and creating art.

Recently, fan @DanielaEditsThings, who is a professional trailer editor, decided to go one step further and do Netflix's work for them. She created a trailer for Season 3, and it is a sight for sore eyes. Check it out below.

Although the fan didn't use any footage from the new season (because there isn't any in the public domain), the clip looks fresh and fascinating.

The creator managed to rearrange the lines spoken by the characters in the previous episodes to create a completely new dramatic story about female empowerment and support in times when women's voices need to be heard.

The video reminded fans that there is drama in Bridgerton beyond the romantic shenanigans, and that it can actually be much more compelling.

'Wow! This had me hyped!' a commenter wrote. 'In my head I've focused a lot on the Polin part of the story, which is not bad, but the idea of all these women in Regency Era coming together against The Crown sounds... SO EXCITING?! Thank you so much for your work.'

When will the official trailer be released?

Considering that the teaser trailers for both Bridgerton Season 2 and the spinoff Queen Charlotte were released on February 14th, even though the shows premiered on different dates, it would be natural to assume that the official trailer for Season 3 will land on social media on St. Valentine's Day next year.

That is less than two months away. But will Netflix be able to top the fan trailer? We seriously doubt it.

Source: YouTube, Reddit.

When do you expect the Bridgerton Season 3 trailer to be released?