Is There Anything Cuter Than John Krasinski's Kids' First Reaction To The Office?

Is There Anything Cuter Than John Krasinski's Kids' First Reaction To The Office?
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The girls couldn't believe their dad was popular.


  • John Krasinski has two daughters with actress Emily Blunt.
  • While their mom's fame is no secret to them, it was only recently that they learned that their dad was once a part of a popular sitcom.
  • Their first reaction to watching The Office made their parents laugh out loud.

Let's face it, for many of us, prolific actor and filmmaker John Krasinski will always be Jim Halpert, a charming salesman with a great sense of humor and part of one of television's best couples.

However, the majority of those born in the 2010s after The Office aired its finale never even heard of the fan-favorite sitcom and its character. So it was a real surprise for Krasinski's daughters, who are part of Generation Alpha, to learn that their father was such a huge star.

Kids had no idea their dad was popular

Last year, John Krasinski sat down with Stephen Colbert and told him some hilarious stuff about his adorable children and their reaction to his The Office fame.

The actor has two daughters with Hollywood A-lister Emily Blunt. The oldest, Hazel, turns nine this month, and the youngest, Violet, is seven.

Krasinski told Colbert that the girls were aware of their mother's acting success from a young age, thanks to her role in the 2018 musical Mary Poppins Returns. Apparently, if you want to earn your kids' respect, you have to take on children's projects.

As for their father, Hazel and Violet were sure that he just got lucky with the wife and was some kind of office worker. Once, a fan approached John as he was taking the girls to school and complimented him on his role in The Office.

As they walked along, one of the daughters asked if the stranger was Krasinski's co-worker and got angry when he said no.

'Why are you lying to me?' the daughter exclaimed. 'He just said he knows you from the office!'

Their first reaction to The Office was adorable

When the kids started asking questions about the Office thing everyone keeps talking about, John and Emily decided to show them a few episodes and got a hilarious reaction from both.

Hazel turned out to be this 'screen-talker-atter,' as John put it. So when she first encountered Michael Scott's peculiar sense of humor, she was totally livid (as I'm sure we all were at first) and screamed 'You're a horrible person!' at the screen, much to her father's delight.

'You should meet Steve Carell,' he immediately said.

What did you think of Michael in the first few episodes of The Office?

As for Violet, she just couldn't see her father in the young salesman with the goofy haircut. The girl repeated several times that Jim and John couldn't be the same person, while her father tried not to take these words as an insult.

'[She] watched two more episodes being like, "That's not you. Guy looks a lot like you, though,"' the actor recalled with a laugh, and that's definitely the cutest thing you'll see on the Internet today.

Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.