If Bridgerton Part 1 S3 Ends On Cliffhanger, What Could It Be? 5 Theories

If Bridgerton Part 1 S3 Ends On Cliffhanger, What Could It Be? 5 Theories
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Which one do you prefer?

The dust seems to have settled after Netflix and Shondaland announced that Bridgerton Season 3 will land on the streaming platform in two four-episode parts on May 16, 2024 and June 13, 2024.

The majority of fans have accepted the fact that they will have to wait a whole month for the continuation of the story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton and have even found advantages in such a premiere schedule. After all, this month will provide plenty of opportunities to drool over the first part of the season and create theories about what will happen in Part 2.

Viewers are sure that in order to make the Bridgerton social media buzz even louder (as if that were possible), the showmakers will end the mid-season finale with a big, shocking twist that will send the fandom into speculation mode.


That certainly sounds like a plausible plan for the romantic series, so we can already start theorizing about what exactly the mind-blowing cliffhanger might be by picking scenes from Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton. Here are the top five contenders.

Colin's Discovery

It's likely that the first part of the season will revolve around Colin and Pen mending their friendship after the disastrous Season 2 finale and the couple's 'will they, won't they' dynamic. In this case, the second part could deal with deeper romantic feelings and the fallout from the Lady Whistledown secret.

But for that to happen, Colin has to discover the secret first. And that's our first theory. In the final moments of Part 1, Colin finds out that Pen is the notorious gossip writer of the ton.

Carriage Scene

Colin finding out about Pen's secret identity would definitely be shocking for him, but not for the viewers, since we already know the truth from Season 1. So the writers may decide to go on hiatus with another book moment - the wild making out session known to Bridgerverse fans as the carriage scene.

After that, we are all guaranteed to be in a Bridgerton hysteria for weeks.

Clumsy Proposal

To go even further with the book plot, the mid-season finale could end with Colin's proposal, which comes right after the carriage shenanigans. Half-dressed and disheveled, Penelope stumbles and falls on her face while exiting the famous carriage, and Colin finds no better time than to ask for her hand in marriage.

'For God's sake, Penelope. Are you going to marry me or not?' are his exact words.

Imagine Pen's shocked face and the screen fading to black after those words.

Hunt for Lady Whistledown

If the show focuses more on the Lady Whistledown aspect of Season 3, Part 1 could end with a twist that is important to that storyline. In the book, the whole ton goes crazy over the identity of the enigmatic columnist after Lady Danbury half-jokingly announces a cash reward for whoever uncovers her.

A scene like that (it could be Queen Charlotte instead of Lady Danbury) would definitely set up suspense for the second part.

Cressida's Move

In the book, the annoying Cressida Cowper gets really villainous, first pretending to be Lady Whistledown to get Lady Danbury's money, and then blackmailing Penelope, which leads to Colin's involvement.

A scene where Cressida figures out who Lady Whistledown is or makes a move could be dramatic enough to serve as a good cliffhanger, couldn't it?