How Old Will Each Bridgerton Character Be In Season 3?

How Old Will Each Bridgerton Character Be In Season 3?
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A deep dive into the Bridgerton character library opens a huge plot hole.


  • Timelines have never been a focus of the Netflix romantic drama series Bridgerton.
  • However, if you're interested in how old the characters are, we've combed through the details of previous seasons and found a definitive answer.
  • A few major players will become older during the course of Season 3, and one character's age has been confused by the show's spinoff.

Bridgerton Season 3 is slowly but surely approaching, much to the delight of the Netflix show's massive fan base. The first part of the new chapter will land on the streaming giant on May 16 after more than a two-year hiatus.

While in the real world it will be two years and two months since the release of the second season, in the fictional Bridgerverse just a few months will have passed.

Season 2 was set during the social season of 1814, and the show's spinoff Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, which premiered last May, showed the ton celebrating the new year of 1815.

Since the creators are not planning any time jumps, the love story of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington will unfold during the 1815 social season, which usually begins somewhere between February and Easter and ends in late July or August.

How old does that make the characters?

Both the Netflix show and Julia Quinn's source novel series are quite vague about timelines, and many viewers wonder not only what year each season is set in, but also how old the characters are.

Thanks to dedicated, eagle-eyed fans who have pored over every last detail and line of previous seasons and their scripts, we can answer that question with some degree of certainty.

Ages of the Bridgertons

This is how old the members of the Bridgerton family will be in the third season of the show.

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  • Anthony - 30
  • Benedict - 28
  • Colin - 21-22
  • Daphne - 21
  • Eloise - 19-20
  • Francesca - 17-18
  • Gregory - 14
  • Hyacinth - 11
  • Violet - late 40s

We can't be completely sure about Colin, Eloise and Francesca, as they all have spring birthdays (as does their mother) and could be aging over the course of the show. For some reason, Bridgerton never shows birthday parties for the siblings.

So we can assume that they will be a year older by the time Season 3 arrives. After all, Francesca will definitely be presented to the ton and the Queen in the new episodes, so she has to be 18 to make her debut. In the series, all debutants are at least 18.

Although we write that Violet Bridgerton will be almost 50 years old in the new chapter, her age is the biggest mystery (and apparently plot hole) of the Bridgerverse. The show doesn't mention this detail, but in the first Queen's novel, Violet is 47 years old. Queen Charlotte, however, makes her much older.

The spinoff is set in 1761, and Violet is introduced as a girl of at least ten. This puts her in her 60s at the time of the original series. But looking at Ruth Gemmell, who plays Violet, and the ages of her children, it is safe to say that this is simply impossible.

How old do you think Violet Bridgerton is?

Ages of Other Characters

As for other major characters in the show, here is how old they will be in Season 3.

  • Penelope Featherington - 19-20
  • Kate Sharma - 27
  • Prudence Featherington - 23
  • Philipa Featherington - 21
  • Portia Featherington - 40s
  • Agatha Danbury - 70s
  • Queen Charlotte - 71

Like Eloise, Penelope has an April birthday (those two are true soulmates, right?) and may turn 20 during the course of Season 3. What we do know for sure is that this will be her third year on the marriage market, and this time she will find herself the best husband imaginable.

Source: Reddit.