Fans Have Voted For Their Favorite Bridgerton Sibling On The Show. It's Not The Season 3 Lead

Fans Have Voted For Their Favorite Bridgerton Sibling On The Show. It's Not The Season 3 Lead
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Has Shondaland made a huge mistake?


  • The question of who is a fan favorite pops up all the time in the Bridgerverse fandom.
  • Recently, fans on Reddit tried to answer it again by organizing a poll.
  • The results are pretty predictable, save one.
  • Neither the Season 2 nor the Season 3 leads turned out to be the first choice of the fans.
  • This raises a big question: did Shondaland and Netflix make a big mistake?

When Julia Quinn created her romantic book series about eight upper-crust siblings living in Regency-era London, she probably didn't expect thousands of people to become obsessed with her characters more than 20 years later.

Shondaland's eponymous show, based on the Quinn novels, has shed new light on the Bridgerton siblings, from A to H, and added many new zealous members to the Bridgerverse fandom.

It is hard to find such a masterful adaptation of a romantic genre book, and even harder not to fall in love with at least one of its main characters.

So who has stolen more hearts?

Fans pick their favorites

It's a popular hobby among the massive Bridgerton fan base to pass the time while waiting for Season 3 (which seems to be sitting on the back shelf somewhere in the Netflix offices) by discussing the storylines, characters, and arcs we've seen in the first two seasons of the show and its spinoff, Queen Charlotte.

And the ultimate question that comes up here and there is who is the ultimate favorite on the show.

Recently, fans on Reddit tried to answer this question once again by organizing a poll, and here are the results.

8. Francesca (Ruby Stokes & Hannah Dodd)

7. Gregory (Will Tilston)

6. Hyacinth (Florence Hunt)

5. Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor)

4. Eloise (Claudia Jessie)

3. Colin (Luke Newton)

2. Anthony (Jonathan Bailey)

1. Benedict (Luke Thompson)

Colin is only the third

The Bridgerton siblings have been written, cast and portrayed in a way that makes them quite different from their book counterparts. So the fans who voted only considered the on-screen characters.

As a result, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth were pushed to the bottom of the list. These three are still children and had very little screen time. On top of that, Francesca was recast after Season 2. So fans haven't had a chance to fall for them yet. That will surely change when (and if) their solo stories are adapted for the screen.

What's interesting is how the votes were split between the siblings we know well. Among the sisters, Eloise topped everyone, even though her season has yet to air. This is certainly due to the relatability and central role of this rebellious and headstrong character.

As for the older brothers, there is a big surprise. It turns out that the fan-favorite sibling is not Colin, who is set to take the stage in Season 3, and not even Anthony, who stole many hearts with his passionate character underneath the cold exterior in Season 2.

Fans are completely captivated by Benedict. Even though the second sibling only appeared in a few scenes in Seasons 1 and 2, his charm, which comes from Luke Thompson's portrayal, didn't fail to reach the viewers. So it looks like Shondaland made a huge mistake when they pushed Benedict's love story aside and put Colin's in its place.

Source: Reddit.

In your opinion, should Benedict's story have come third in the adaptation?