Fan Theory Provides Riveting Insight Into Lady Whistledown's Arc

Fan Theory Provides Riveting Insight Into Lady Whistledown's Arc
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It might even explain how exactly Pen will be able to avoid social ostracism when she is outed to the ton.


  • The biggest arc Bridgerton has to tackle in Season 3 is the revelation of Lady Whistledown to the ton.
  • It presents a number of challenges for the show's creators and sends the series' fandom into speculation mode.
  • One fan theory may have found an explanation that would not only provide a stunning twist, but also help Penelope get away with her secret hobby.

One of the biggest questions about the upcoming Bridgerton Season 3 is where the Lady Whistledown arc will go. Now that Penelope Featehrigton has transitioned from invisible wallflower to actual season lead, keeping her secret occupation under wraps will surely be impossible.

At the same time, the big reveal can't go the way it did in the book. There's no way London's high society is going to cheer and applaud as they learn the true identity of a person they've been terrorized by for years. Bridgerton's creators must have racked their brains to come up with a believable story.

And the fans may have figured it out.

What does Lady Danbury have to do with this?

One fan theory offers an intriguing glimpse into the enigmatic gossip writer's past and possible future. Redditor u/flyfarahway took to the show's subreddit to discuss Lady Danbury's involvement in Pen's life.

You see, Pen couldn't have started her secret business without some initial financial and mentoring help. In the books, it was her father's solicitor who supported her. But what if in the show it turns out to be none other than the auntie of the ton, Lady Danbury?

That would be a mind-blowing reveal. Plus, it would explain some of the things we saw on screen. For example, when the characters' reactions to the first Lady Whistledown issue were shown in Season 1, Agatha had that particular smirk that led many viewers to theorize that she was writing the column until Pen was revealed in the season finale.

With Danbury's habit of being involved in every important London event, her connections, and her keen eye, it is not so far-fetched that she has been Penelope's helper all along. In the novels, the two women have a protege-mentor friendship. And while we never saw them interact on the show, that may have been done intentionally to keep the ton and us from making a connection.

How does this help Pen in Season 3?

Well, if Lady Danbury is indeed Pen's secret benefactor, she will be able to soften the ton's and Queen's wrath when the author's identity is revealed.

We know that Agatha is Queen Charlotte's close confidante, and she may be able to reason with her and explain that Lady Whistledown's column is actually a manifestation of free speech. It is unlikely that Lady Danbury ever influenced any of Pen's writing. At times, we saw her displeasure with some of the pieces.

But she always let Penelope do her thing and be independent. Maybe she can persuade Charlotte to do the same. Does that sound plausible to you, or are we just grasping at loose strings here?

Source: Reddit.

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