7 Scenes Fans Would Cut From Friends In A Heartbeat

7 Scenes Fans Would Cut From Friends In A Heartbeat
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Which of these storylines do you hate the most?

Throughout its ten seasons and 236 episodes, Friends has provided viewers with many enjoyable moments. The story of six New York friends made us laugh out loud, wipe away tears of sadness, and go 'awww' at the most touching scenes.

But there were also storylines that made many viewers cringe with second-hand embarrassment, anxiety, or just plain annoyance.

Over the years of rewatching their favorite show, fans have singled out at least seven arcs that, if cut, would only make Friends better.

1. Engagement Crasher

The twist of an ex crashing the main character's engagement was repeated twice on the show. And while David's sudden appearance during Phoebe and Mike's big moment was fine, Richard's ruining of Monica and Chandler's engagement should never have happened, according to fans.

2. Incestuous Shenanigans

Denise Richards' Cassie was a beautiful woman and kudos to her for helping us see Phoebe as a bi character, but Ross trying to make out with her was just sick. Since she was his cousin, it made him seem like an incestuous creep for the sake of a dubious joke.

3. Accidental Proposal

Joey and Rachel's romantic arc is one of the most controversial storylines on the show. But even those who like the two characters together think that Joey's accidental proposal minutes after Rachel gave birth to Emma was too much.

4. Stalker Alert

Hands down, Phoebe has had the most tumultuous dating life on the show, dating some pretty weird guys. But her most problematic boyfriend was without a doubt Malcolm, Ursula's stalker, who Phoebe dated against her better judgment. Incidentally, Malcolm was played by David Arquette, Courteney Cox's future husband.

5. Family Business

Another disturbing relationship in the show is the one between Monica and Timothy, Richard's son. Just as the characters could not bear the thought of making out, viewers find their scenes hard to watch.

6. Sister Betrayal

Reese Witherspoon's Jill Green was an amazing character, but fans would rather never see her flirt with Ross. How could Ross even think of hitting on Rachel's sister? The man is not using his brain sometimes, is he?

7. Biased Slur

The character of Ross is the most annoying for many viewers, and we can certainly see why. He was given a lot of storylines that made him seem spineless, whiny and judgmental. The episode that hasn't aged well (and was never very funny, to be honest) is the one where Ross can't deal with a man being a nanny. Statements like 'Come on, you gotta be at least bi' are just not acceptable.

Do you agree that Friends would be better off without these scenes?