7 Non-Polin Scenes We Can't Wait To See In Bridgerton S3

7 Non-Polin Scenes We Can't Wait To See In Bridgerton S3
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The beauty of Shondaland's Bridgerton is its predictability. We know exactly where the leads will end up, so it becomes more about the journey. The creators manage to wrap the main love story of each season in so much emotion that it never gets boring or disappointing. Plus, they have mastered adding subplots that keep viewers glued to the screen.

It is already clear that the main focus of Bridgerton Season 3 will be on its leading couple, Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton aka Polin. There's also the whole Lady Whistledown business and the rift between Pen and Eloise.

But apart from these obvious storylines, what else can we hope for in Season 3? Let's speculate a little.

Colin & Family

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We love the Bridgertons and enjoy every family moment that comes our way. So a Colin/Violet conversation about love (after all, the matriarch has had one with every previous lead) as well as scenes of Colin bonding with his siblings are a must.

A nice touch would be the Colin/Anthony scene post Polin's engagement, mirroring the one they had after Colin's proposal to Marina. Only this time, Anthony recognizes his brother as a grown man.

Violet's Garden

Speaking of the Bridgerton matriarch, we certainly want to see her garden in bloom and a worthy man tending to it (imagine the shock on her children's faces). Or was all of Queen Charlotte's buildup for nothing?

Anthony & Kate

After the electric Season 2, millions of fans are expecting the show to do justice to its leads and show them in a happy family environment, enjoying each other's company. Steamy scenes are just as welcome as the heartwarming husband and wife moments we saw in the first look still. We're pretty sure that Kate is going to give Anthony an heir, and can't wait for that to be revealed.

Kate’s New Role

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Kate is the new member of the household. More than that, she is its new head. So we are looking forward to seeing her take on the role of Viscountess and older sister to our beloved siblings. What kind of relationships will she have with Eloise, Benedict, and Colin? How smooth will the transition be?

Everything Francesca

It is clear that the third Bridgerton daughter, Francesca, will play a much bigger role in Season 3 after the recasting. She will make her social debut and most likely have her first love story unfold. We are sure this girl will be an instant hit with both characters and viewers.

Colin’s Writing

So far, Colin hasn't had too many spotlight moments on the show. Aside from his travels and calling out Uncle Jack's scam in Season 2, he didn't have a defining occupation. Considering that he aspires to be a published author in the books, Season 3 has a great opportunity to make Regency-era travel blogging a part of his personality.

Penelope & Lady Danbury

Pen already has a Lady Whistledown arc that sets her apart from the other characters. But it would also be nice if her book friendship with Lady Danbury found a place on the screen.

Lady Danbury sees Pen's potential in the novel and serves as her wise mentor, encouraging her to embrace her strengths and navigate society. Definitely a worthy arc for an adaptation. Besides, when has Agatha ever stayed away from matters of the ton?