5 Wildest Fan Theories That Might Actually Come True In Bridgerton Season 3

5 Wildest Fan Theories That Might Actually Come True In Bridgerton Season 3
Image credit: Netflix

Which sounds most plausible to you?

Season 3 of Netflix's Bridgerton seems to take forever to land on the streaming platform. It's been almost 1 year and 9 months since Season 2 premiered, but any details about the next chapter or its production are still being kept under wraps.

To pass the time, fans have been entertaining themselves with speculation about what could happen in the new episodes, both based on the original books and the previous entries, including the spinoff Queen Charlotte.

Here are five of the wildest, yet surprisingly plausible, fan theories we've come across so far.

Theory 1: Queen Charlotte passes away

The spinoff featured a storyline with the long-awaited conception of Queen Charlotte's granddaughter, the future Queen Victoria. In real life, however, the queen never met her grandchild. She died half a year before the baby was born.

So it is possible that Season 3 will deal with the death of the queen and the transfer of power, putting the Prince Regent on the throne.

Theory 2: Eloise & Theo's romance is not over

The relationship between the fifth Bridgerton and the printer's assistant was nipped in the bud by Lady Whistledon's sudden outing. But the two clearly had feelings for each other and didn't get a chance for a proper goodbye.

This has led fans to theorize that Eloise will meet Theo in Season 3 and their story might continue. Some even think they could be the endgame.

Theory 3: Sophie Beckett is introduced

Benedict's novel story is complicated and spans several years. First, he meets a mysterious masked girl, and only after several years of fruitless searching does he fall in love again.

The first part of the story (a masquerade ball) could take place as early as Season 3, setting up Benedict's story. This would perfectly explain why the showrunners decided to delay it.

Theory 4: Francesca marries

Like Benedict, Francesca has a long story in the books. She gets married in her first year and seems to be happy with her new husband. But he dies unexpectedly, which starts her main romance with his best friend.

In order for the story to unfold in future seasons, Francesca must marry soon. And since she turns 18 in Season 3, fans think she might make her debut and meet her future husband in the new episodes.

Theory 5: Lady Whistledown remains anonymous

In the source novel for Season 3, Penelope Featherington is revealed to be Lady Whistledown during a deeply moving moment, which serves as proof of Colin's loyalty and devotion to his wife.

But in the show, that scene can't happen, simply because the arc of Lady Whistledown has changed a lot. Penelope has hurt numerous people, including the royal family, by her column, so deanonymizing her would make her a social pariah. Besides, Netflix's Bridgerton can't do without the magical voice of Julie Andrews, can it?