5 Ways The Lady Whistledown Reveal Can Go In Bridgerton S3

5 Ways The Lady Whistledown Reveal Can Go In Bridgerton S3
Image credit: Netflix

Which of these seems most plausible to you?

Nicola Coughlan has stated that Bridgerton Season 3 is intended to be the season closest to its source material, Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton. But there's one arc that can't be played the same way as it was in the novel, because it's already deviated too much from the original.

Julia Quinn's Lady Whistledown is a relatively harmless gossip writer who doesn't make too many enemies with her column. So when Colin identifies his wife as the infamous columnist in front of the ton, the couple gets a round of applause and the matter is forgotten.

In contrast, Netflix's Lady Whistledown is the sharp tongue and whistleblower who terrorizes London's high society, ruining reputations and angering powerful people, including the Queen. So there's no way the show's reveal can be as lighthearted and drama-free as the book's.

With that in mind, here are five ways Bridgerton Season 3 could go about revealing Penelope Featherington's secret identity.

1. Big scandal

At this point, only Eloise knows who Lady Whistledown is. And when her former best friend starts an affair with her brother, Eloise will want to spill the beans to save Colin from being caught in a lie.

If Colin remains in the dark long enough, Eloise could cause a huge scandal by revealing Lady Whistledown's identity during a major social event, such as the Queen's Ball or even Penelope and Colin's engagement party or wedding.

This is the worst case scenario, as it would make Pen a social pariah, break Colin's trust in her, and deprive the show of Lady Whistledown's narration. Pen cannot continue writing her column if she is exposed.

2. Only the Bridgertons find out

If Colin learns Penelope's secret early on, he may be able to come to terms with it. And then make sure Eloise and the other Bridgertons understand why Pen deserves their forgiveness. If only the Bridgertons know who Lady Whistledown is by the end of Season 3, Pen can continue to write her column, but with severe restrictions. She can't gossip about her new family, can she?

3. Penelope teams up with the Queen

Queen Charlotte has had a love-hate relationship with Lady Whistledown since day one of the show. On the one hand, she resents the things Whistledown writes about the royal family. On the other hand, she loves gossip and never misses a new Whistledown sheet.

So if Eloise goes to the Queen about Penelope's secret hobby, it is possible that Charlotte will take the columnist under her wing on the condition that she stops poking fun at her and her family.

4. Penelope becomes official

An even wilder theory is that the Queen not only becomes Penelope's ally, but also accepts her as a royal court writer, allowing her to practice journalism on an official level.

Of course, for this to happen, both the Queen and Penelope would have to go through a huge character development over a lot of screen time, so this theory seems the least plausible.

5. Someone else picks up the baton

If Penelope goes through a redemption arc and gives up her hobby as a way to make amends and earn the forgiveness of Eloise, Colin, Marina, and other people she has wronged, it is possible that someone else will pick up the baton and continue writing the Whistledown column.

In that case, Bridgerton would be able to keep the Lady Whistledown narration and introduce the intriguing mystery that could continue for seasons to come.

Do you think Penelope will continue to write the Lady Whistledown column after Season 3?