5 Unlikely Bridgerton Spinoffs We Would Actually Pay To Watch

5 Unlikely Bridgerton Spinoffs We Would Actually Pay To Watch
Image credit: Netflix

There are plenty of unsung heroes in the Bridgerverse whose stories would be fun to explore.

After Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, which hit Netflix in May of this year, it became clear that the Bridgerverse is vast and full of stories worth watching. Especially when the legendary Shonda Rhimes is telling them.

Of course, our main demand for Bridgerverse spinoffs would be that they don't push back the main show's installments, as seems to have happened this year with Queen Charlotte.

The two-year wait for Season 3 is no fun, even if it's sweetened by the hot Georgian-era story. But if the creators can handle releasing spinoffs between seasons of the original, here are five secondary Bridgerton characters whose stories we'd jump at the chance to dive into.

1. Portia Featherington

Lady Featherington is one of the most fascinating Bridgerton characters. With her brightly colored dresses and penchant for consumerism, she comes across as new money. In addition, we have seen that Portia is resourceful and street-smart, suggesting that she may have conned her way into the Ton.

Was Portia a broke hottie? Did she manipulate Lord Featherington into marrying her? Did she ever find true love? All of these questions could be explored in a prequel about Portia's youth and courtship.

2. Footman John

If we were to look at the ratio of screen time to popularity, Bridgerton's footman John would certainly come out on top. We know literally nothing about this guy, but he is a sight to behold and has a crazy screen presence. So a sequel about his torrid love affair with a maid, or even a social-hierarchy-breaking romance with a lady of the ton, seems like a good idea.

3. Will Mondrich

Will is another of Bridgerton's fan-favorite hunks. The boxer turned bar owner is a complex character who is willing to cross the line to provide for his family. He had a strong redemption arc in Season 2 that really warmed up the Bridgerton audience to him.

On top of that, we know that Will's father was a soldier who escaped from the colonies. That, plus Will becoming a boxer and befriending the Duke of Hastings, is definitely great material for a prequel.

4. Genevieve Delacroix

The savvy modiste of the Ton, Benedict Bridgerton's ex-lover, and Lady Featherington's helper has been part of many arcs. We know she is kind to her friends and fierce in keeping her business afloat, but we never got to explore her character and life more deeply. Also, Genevieve's origin remains a mystery that would be fun to solve.

5. Siena Rosso

Siena's secret relationship with Anthony was steamy, and many viewers were sorry to see this character disappear from the show.

With Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte, the showrunners have given us enough stories within the aristocracy and royalty. So following Siena in her post-Anthony life could be an exciting opportunity to open up the universe outside the upper class and show the lives of Regency opera performers and courtesans.

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