5 Storylines Fans Want Gone From Bridgerton

5 Storylines Fans Want Gone From Bridgerton
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Is there too much drama on Bridgerton?

In its three years of existence, Shondaland and Netflix's Bridgerton has managed to attract an impressive, dedicated fan base that has rewatched the two seasons that have been released and the spinoff Queen Charlotte dozens of times.

While fans love and enjoy the beloved bodice-ripping show, there are some plot lines they would have nixed in a heartbeat if they were involved in the creative decisions.

Here are five arcs that, if eliminated, would only make Bridgerton better, according to fans.

1. Daphne's Assault

The storyline of Daphne forcing Simon into the bedroom action he didn't want was taken directly from Julia Quinn's source novel, but fans would rather not have it. If there's one thing that needed to be changed in the adaptation, it's this.

There were plenty of other ways to introduce drama into the Daphne/Simon marriage without the problematic scene. A simple disagreement about having children would have sufficed.

2. Colin & Marina's Arc

The whole Colin/Marina romance in Season 1 and Colin's visit to the Crane estate in Season 2 don't sit well with Bridgerverse fans. Making Marina a bigger character than she was in the book may not have been a bad decision, but involving Colin in her drama did far too much emotional damage to everyone involved.

Marina's manipulation of Colin's feelings and Penelope's disastrous actions to stop it led to a major ripple effect on how two separate canon couple storylines will be received in the future. Both Colin/Penelope and Eloise/Phillip will have to get over the Marina drama in order to end up happy together.

3. Anthony & Edwina's Engagement

The love story of Anthony and Kate captivated fans. There was so much chemistry and sexual tension that you could almost touch it. But a huge chunk of Season 2 screen time was given to the love triangle drama involving Kate's sister.

Fans aren't completely against the triangle thing, but they wish Anthony and Edwina hadn't gone so far. Their proposal and wedding shouldn't have been shown at the expense of the main couple's happy life. For heaven's sake, we haven't even seen Kate and Anthony get married!

4. Edwina & Queen Charlotte's Bonding

Another scene that took away from Anthony and Kate's screen time is when Edwina helps calm down King George and bonds with Queen Charlotte. It happens during a very important moment for the main couple and leads to nothing as Edwina will not be a part of future seasons.

Fans would prefer the show to focus on the protagonists exploring their feelings at that moment.

5. Eloise's Discovery

All of Eloise's obsession with Lady Whistledown is a bit overdone, and the fact that she is the first to find out that her best friend is the mysterious writer somewhat devalues the future romance between Colin and Penelope.

Now there seems to be no way for the writers to get out of the Eloise/Penelope drama without using some deus ex machina plot device. Hopefully, Season 3, which premieres in May 2024, will prove that the scene was not just added for drama's sake.

Source: Reddit.

Would you get rid of these five storylines if you could?