5 Flashback Scenes We Can't Wait To See In Bridgerton S3

5 Flashback Scenes We Can't Wait To See In Bridgerton S3
Image credit: Netflix

The Bridgerton writers are really good at flashbacks.

Throughout the two seasons of the original show and the spinoff, the Bridgerton creators proved to be very good at using flashback scenes. Typically, flashbacks are used to introduce and develop the main male characters and explain their motivations.

In Season 1, we saw Simon's relationship with his horrible father, which led to the vow to end the Basset family line. In Season 2, we were heartbroken by the death of Edmund Bridgerton and his wife's grief, which took a toll on Anthony.

In Queen Charlotte, at some point, we see a retelling of everything that has happened from George's point of view. We see his struggles with mental health issues and his genuine love for the young bride.

There's no doubt that this trend will continue in Bridgerton Season 3, which is set to premiere on May 16, 2024. This time, however, it is likely that we will get flashbacks with both leads. Colin Bridgerton is the first man in the Bridgerverse who has known his love interest Penelope Featherington since adolescence. So there can't be too many pre-Pen memories.

Besides, Penelope has a huge presence in the show and could be considered its central figure at this point. With that in mind, here are five flashback scenes that Bridgerton Season 3 is likely to include.

First Meeting

Since Pen and Colin have been friends for years, the series can't show a meet-cute like the other couples. But they can make up for it with a flashback. In the source book it is one of the first scenes. Penelope is about to turn 16. Her mother stops to talk to Lady Bridgerton, and the wind blows Pen's bonnet into Colin's face, knocking him off his horse. How could she not fall in love at first sight?

Presumably the show will change the timing of the first meeting slightly, moving it up a few years to make the main characters childhood friends.

Third Son

Being the third son in a Viscount family is a challenge. After his father's death, Colin was too young to be of any real help to his mother and brother, which must have made him feel lonely and useless. A flashback showing this would help explain why he is so closed off under the mask of a perfect gentleman, and why he so desperately wants to fall in love.

Bonding Time

Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope, said during a promo event that the Season 3 leads were very uninhibited and comfortable around each other as children, but then societal expectations pulled them apart. That certainly deserves a flashback. Pen is also the third sibling and was left out by her older sisters, so she and Colin have a lot to bond over.

Colin’s Hobby

So far, we've had more time to get to know Penelope than Colin, so a flashback showing what he's been up to between social seasons would help us dive deeper into his character, his dreams and aspirations. We know he likes to travel solo, and in the books he keeps journals that are quite good and later published. So a flashback that establishes him as a traveler and writer is a must.

Lady Whistledown’s Origin

The one flashback without Colin that we need is the arc that shows how Penelope became Lady Whistledown. We know how things are going for the elusive gossip writer in the present, but we still don't know how Pen went from being an invisible wallflower to a wallflower with a secret. Who encouraged her and helped her financially?

Would you like Bridgerton Season 3 to include a scene explaining how Lady Whistledown came to be?