5 Bridgerton Tropes We Expect To Pop Up In Season 3

5 Bridgerton Tropes We Expect To Pop Up In Season 3
Image credit: Netflix

The Polin chapter will be trope-y.

After nearly two years of hunger and suffering, the massive Bridgerton fandom can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Part 1 Season 3 of the Netflix & Shondaland flagship show is slowly but surely approaching its premiere date on May 16.

The promo campaign for the season, which has finally begun, has brought Bridgerton fans back to life and given them new reasons to drool over the upcoming love story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, aka Polin.

In anticipation of a big promo event with the cast scheduled for February 14, Netflix has released the first 30-second clip from Season 3, showing Penelope and Colin in a delicate romcom situation.

Tropes-Filled Season

From the short teaser, we can say one thing for sure: the new season will be trope-y.

Those 30 seconds alone could have tags like romance lessons, height difference, best friend's brother, friends to lovers, oblivious to love, fake-real love confession, sneaking around, she fell first he fell harder.

It's a good thing Shonda Rhimes and her creators are so good at taking cliché tropes to the next level. After all, the entire Bridgerton series is built on familiar romantic plot drives and storylines that are impossible to turn away from.

So we are sure that in addition to the unique Polin tropes, Season 3 will also have a few elements of the previous seasons in it. Here are five Bridgerton arcs we expect to see in the Polin story.

Love Triangle

The Bridgerton writers seem to be obsessed with love triangles. In two seasons, we have had three major examples of this trope: Daphne/Simon/Prince Friedrich, Anthony/Kate/Edwina, Colin/Marina/Penelope. So we can assume that the writers won't be able to help themselves in the new chapter as well.

Considering that Pen wants to find a husband, we predict that an unexpected suitor will enter the picture and make Colin very jealous.


We know, we know, the Polin story is a classic example of the friends-to-lovers trope. But these two ended Season 2 with a grudge (Colin's words were very hurtful indeed). And they will begin this season with animosity, just as Anthony and Kate did last season. So some elements of the 'enemies turned lovers' arc are sure to show up in the upcoming chapter.

Fake Relationships

We saw this trope in all its glory in Season 1, when Simon and Daphne agreed to fool the ton, but fooled themselves. And there are hints that Season 3 will pick up some elements of that storyline.

Presumably, at first, Pen will not be as popular on the marriage market as she would like. So Colin might want to give her a boost by putting his name on her dance card and becoming her 'fake' suitor. How cute would that be?

Wedding Drama

This is more of a unique Bridgerton trope. Season 2 showed us that Shondaland isn't interested in showing a wedding without a fair amount of drama. Anthony and Kate's wedding even happened off camera.

Season 3 will likely have two weddings - Polin's and Francesca's - so we expect something action-packed and truly extraordinary.

Queen's Involvement

Again, this is unique to Bridgerton, but not a single season goes by without the involvement of Queen Charlotte. For Daphne and Anthony, she served as a kind of strict but fair fairy godmother. But for Polin, it will be very different.

We know how obsessed the queen is with finding and avenging Lady Whistledown. So Pen is in for an intense witch hunt, and we can't even imagine where this storyline will take our beloved characters.

Do you think Queen Charlotte will play a big role in Season 3?