5 Biggest Book-To-Show Changes We Expect To See In Bridgerton S3

5 Biggest Book-To-Show Changes We Expect To See In Bridgerton S3
Image credit: Netflix

There are some pivotal book moments that just won't work in the show.

Even though Nicola Coughlan promised that Bridgerton Season 3 would be as close as possible to its source novel, Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton, the upcoming chapter has already strayed quite far from the book.

The new episodes are supposed to pick up right where the spinoff Queen Charlotte left off, in order to keep the continuity of the series intact.

This changes the setting of the story and places it eight years before the events of the novel. Additionally, the Netflix show has introduced several new storylines that are sure to alter some book scenes.

Here are five major plot lines we expect to see changed in the book-to-series adaptation.

The Spinster Status

In Quinn's Bridgerverse, Penelope becomes a 28-year-old spinster, which brings all kinds of sorrows, but also some freedoms. She doesn't have to worry about finding a husband and can focus on her secret persona as Lady Whistledown.

In the show, the situation is reversed. The focus is on Pen's search for a worthy husband.

The First Kiss

This important moment is bound to change because of the spinster situation. In the book, Pen thinks it's her last chance to share a kiss and asks Colin to do it. In the show, such recklessness could hurt her chances in the marriage scene.

So we are hoping that the first sexually charged moment will happen in a more natural manner.

The Eloise Arc

In the book, Eloise is almost absent because her own love story is unfolding at the same time. However, the show has set up her feud with Penelope as this huge cliffhanger to be explored in Season 3.

Can Pen marry into the Bridgerton family without mending fences with her best friend?

The Proposal

We're sure you'll agree that the carriage scene from the book must remain intact. But after that naughty interlude, Quinn's Colin asks Pen to marry him, and she agrees. In the show, such a scene would seem forced.

We know that Colin is a noble man and has to propose after the carriage shenanigans. But given his history with Marina, Pen wouldn't want to trap him in another marriage. Not until she knows for sure that he loves her.

The Whistledown Reveal

With Lady Whistledown's arc at the center of the Netflix show, there's no way Penelope is going to get away with it as easily as she did in the book. The Queen is furious, and most likely she and the ton won't find out the identity of the elusive author in Season 3.

Besides, the gossip girl gotta keep writing, right?