Young Sheldon Season 7 Will Be Its Last. Here's Why

Young Sheldon Season 7 Will Be Its Last. Here's Why
Image credit: CBS

Upon closer inspection, the cancellation actually makes sense.

Young Sheldon Season 7 is set to debut on February 15, 2024, on CBS. While exciting for the show's massive fan base, the news came with a sad twist: the upcoming chapter will be the show's last, and the hour-long season finale airing on May 16 is set to be the finale for the entire series.

Considering the Big Bang Theory spinoff's popularity and enviable ratings, the cancellation may come as a shock. But there are actually six factors that explain CBS's decision.

Spinoff goes out on a high note

Ending the spinoff amidst high ratings and huge popularity is exactly what The Big Bang Theory did. And it actually turned out to be a winning strategy. Viewers who were left a little hungry after the epic run never miss an opportunity to catch a rerun or stream the show on numerous platforms.

CBS' three-year order is up

In 2021, Young Sheldon was renewed for a whopping three seasons. If the show were to continue beyond that, everyone involved would have to sign new deals and the budget would most likely increase, which is probably not what the studio wants as the story comes to its natural conclusion.

Canon calls for ending

Young Sheldon is a prequel, which means it already has an ending. The creators can't ignore the fact that Sheldon will be moving to Pasadena in a year, and most likely the spinoff was always meant to end with his relocation. After all, his life in Pasadena is in the material of The Big Bang Theory.

Cooper's tragedy can now be avoided

Besides going to Caltech, there is another much darker and important event that must happen in the Cooper family when Sheldon turns 14. George Sr. is about to die of heart complications. It is not clear if Season 7 will include this tragedy.

However, in order to maintain the lighthearted nature of the show, it may well end before it happens.

Kids grow up

Time passes much more slowly in Young Sheldon than in real life. In the six previous seasons, only about 4 fictional years passed. This means that the child actors outgrow their characters. Iain Armitage and Raegan Revord are already 15, and Sheldon and Missy are still 13. If the show were to continue, the difference would be hard to hide.

Another spinoff is in the works

The prequel ends just in time to create buzz for The Big Bang Theory's new spinoff. Yes, the fictional nerd-centric universe won't cease to exist with the cancellation of Young Sheldon. Chuck Lorre is reportedly working on a new show set in it. While details about the new show are scarce, we do know that it will air on Max instead of CBS.

Do you agree that CBS's decision to end Young Sheldon is well justified?