X-Men MCU Reboot: Exciting Update From the CEO

X-Men MCU Reboot: Exciting Update From the CEO
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Could we expect the new X-Men movie to come out during Marvel's Phase 6?


  • Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige shared with ET his excitement about the future of X-Men in the MCU.
  • He mentioned the animated series, which is a sequel to the classic '90s show, coming to Disney+ next year.
  • The CEO also teased that the live-action adaptation might come sooner than expected.

The X-Men are getting ready to take the MCU by storm. Ever since Marvel regained the rights to the mutant franchise, the talk about how and when the MCU reboot will happen seems to never end. Audiences are eager to see the beloved comic book characters back on the big screen.

And it looks like the studio is feeling the same way. When asked by ET about the future of the mutants during the recent red carpet for The Marvels premiere, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige shared his enthusiasm for the latest addition to the vast Marvel lore.

‘It's super exciting,’ Feige said. ‘The X-Men are as solid and rich and great a concept and characters as exist. [There's] the return of the animated series next year, which we're very excited about. I saw some new final episodes today which really bring you back to that core of who the X-Men are and that soap opera that those characters represent.’

What animated series is Kevin Feige talking about?

Back in the 1990s, the Fox Kids Network aired a 5-season show called X-Men: The Animated Series, which featured all the comic book characters from the movie franchise as well as some original mutants.

The show explored many themes from the comic books and became a hit with kids. Now, Marvel Studios is producing its sequel, X-Men '97, which is expected to land on Disney+ sometime in 2024.

Most of the original voice actors are set to reprise their roles, making the release of the series a thrilling nostalgia ride. However, the events of the series won't have much of an impact on the future of the MCU, as it's been confirmed to stand apart from the universe.

What about a live-action adaptation?

Of course, we all want to know when we can expect to see beloved characters in MCU projects. Kevin Feige briefly touched on this as well.

‘And then in live-action, people will see... perhaps, soon,’ he said.

Now, that sounds super-secretive, but promising.

Mutants have already started popping up here and there in the superhero universe. A heartwarming cameo from Professor X, the nature of Namor and Ms. Marvel, El Aguila and Mr. Immortal from She-Hulk, and of course the upcoming Deadpool 3 starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. All of this establishes the presence of mutants in the MCU.

But the full force of the X-Men will not arrive until the reboot, which is largely under wraps at the moment. We do not know exactly how the worlds of mutants and superheroes will collide or when it will happen. But Feige's words give hope that it could happen sooner than we thought, maybe even during Phase 6?

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When do you expect the X-Men MCU reboot to hit screens?