With New Still, Bridgerton Fans Have Whole Chunk Of S3E2 Figured Out

With New Still, Bridgerton Fans Have Whole Chunk Of S3E2 Figured Out
Image credit: Netflix

Prepare to be spoiled.


  • Netflix has released some new promotional material for Bridgerton Season 3.
  • In addition to the teaser video that caused quite a stir in the fandom, we got eight new stills.
  • One of them has a connection to a previously revealed clip and an important scene from Julia Quinn's book.
  • This let the fans speculate about how exactly Episode 2 will go.

February 14th is a special day for millions of people in love, but for Bridgerverse fans, it has an extra layer of excitement. Netflix and Shondaland never miss this amorous opportunity to unveil new promo material for the fan-favorite universe. And this year was no exception.

In anticipation of Bridgerton Season 3, which will premiere in two parts on May 16 and June 13, the creators held a big virtual Valentine's Day event where they treated viewers to cast and crew interviews, the reveal of Season 3 titles and, of course, new teasers.

Aside from the one-minute clip that sent the huge Bridgerton fandom into a frenzy, we got eight new stills, each with some interesting details to drool over. But one in particular stands out from the rest.

Game-Changing Connection

The image in question shows Penelope tending to Colin's seemingly injured hand. The two share a long stare into each other's eyes.

With New Still, Bridgerton Fans Have Whole Chunk Of S3E2 Figured Out - image 1

The download name for the still proves that it is from Episode 2 of the long-awaited chapter. That and the stars' costumes let fans connect it to another Season 3 media that was released earlier. Of course, we are talking about the drawing room clip that was released two weeks ago.

These two clues, coupled with the knowledge of the season's source book, Julia Quinn's Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, let fans figure out a whole chunk of Episode 2. If you don't mind spoilers, here's how it goes.

Change of Scenery

The video of Pen paying Colin a compliment precedes the still. Apparently, in an attempt to win back Penelope's friendship (after she confronts him about his Season 2 words), Colin offers to give her unchaperoned flirting lessons.

They sneak into the Bridgerton drawing room, and Pen proves to be a remarkable student with her 'kind blue eyes' compliment. At the end of the clip, they hear someone (probably Eloise) coming and rush to hide from them.

The still shows that the characters have changed locations at some point, and after thorough analysis and comparison, fans have concluded that this is – surprise, surprise – Colin's room! Yes, this chaotic man has brought an unmarried girl into his private room.

In the video, we see a shawl on the back of a chair that likely belongs to Pen, so fans assumed that in his bedroom, Colin realizes they left the shawl behind and goes to get it so no one knows Pen is there. And that's when the book scene happens.

Change of Heart

In the novel, Penelope finds Colin's travel journals and reads them without his permission. Since Colin is insecure about his writing, he becomes furious when he walks in on Pen with his journals in hand.

He flips out and cuts his hand with a letter opener in rage. Penelope comes to his aid and bandages the hand, which calms Colin down and allows the leads to have an open-hearted conversation about their dreams and aspirations.

This incident changes the way Colin looks at Pen. He feels her support and intelligence, which awakens feelings far removed from friendship. Add to that the romance lesson that Pen killed earlier, and this part of Episode 2 feels like a real game changer.