Wishful Thinking Or Real Evidence? Facts Pointing To Reid's Return To Criminal Minds

Wishful Thinking Or Real Evidence? Facts Pointing To Reid's Return To Criminal Minds
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There aren't many, but they sound promising.

Ever since the Behavioral Analysis Unit returned to our screens in the Paramount+ reboot Criminal Minds: Evolution, fans have been missing one beloved character.

Matthew Gray Gubler's Dr. Spencer Reid, who has been an integral part of the show since day one and stayed for the entire 15 seasons of the original, was absent while his colleagues in the BAU struggled to deal with their new huge case, the serial killer network.

This left fans speculating and wondering if we would ever see the boy genius again. Fortunately, there are some facts that suggest Reid is not gone forever and may return to the procedural as early as Evolution Season 2, which is set to land on Paramount+ in 2024.

1. The door is open

Plot-wise, Evolution left the door open for the return of Reid and Daniel Henney's Matt Simmons, who was also missing from the reboot's premiere. Without going into details, viewers were told that Reid and Simmons are on a super-secret FBI assignment and could return at any time.

2. Scheduling conflicts to blame

While at first fans thought that the actor might be reluctant to return to Criminal Minds because he's ready to explore new areas beyond the show that took up 15 years of his life, it was later revealed by new showrunner Erica Messer that Gubler didn't join the cast of Evolution due to scheduling conflicts just like Henney.

The filming period for the ten-episode season is quite short, so it's likely that Gubler couldn't find time to come to the set because he was busy with the marketing campaign for his new graphic novel, The Little Kid with the Big Green Hand.

This is good news for the fans, because it means that the actor is not completely against the idea of returning to the show.

3. The reunions make you wonder

Earlier this year, Matthew Gray Gubler was spotted with two of his Criminal Minds co-stars who are currently starring in Evolution. Joe Mantegna, who plays David Rossi, posted a picture of the two hugging while having dinner together.

Also, Kirsten Vangsness, who portrays fan-favorite Penelope Garcia, attended the event dedicated to The Little Kid with the Big Green Hand, and the photos of her and Matthew together are simply adorable.

While neither of them mentioned Evolution, the very fact that Gubler is staying close to his castmates is a good sign.

4. Season 2 delays work well for Reid's return

While Evolution Season 2 was originally supposed to be released in the fall of 2023, the Hollywood strikes delayed its production and premiere. This may be disappointing for eager viewers, but it actually gives hope for Reid's return in new episodes.

The delays allowed Gubler to do most of the work promoting The Little Kid with the Big Green Hand. And the fact that filming for the new installment did not begin immediately after the strikes ended, but was instead scheduled for January, may mean that the crew was waiting for the window in Gubler's schedule.

While this is not definitive proof, these facts still give hope that Spencer Reid is set to return to the BAU sooner rather than later. What do you think?

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