Will Violet Ever Get A Break? All Past & Future Bridgerton Sibling Scandals Listed

Will Violet Ever Get A Break? All Past & Future Bridgerton Sibling Scandals Listed
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Bridgerton book series spoilers ahead.

If you're an avid fan of Netflix's Bridgerton but haven't read Julia Quinn's eponymous book series, there's a popular opinion circulating in show discussions that's bound to intrigue you.

Fans are certain that the matriarch of the titular family, Violet Bridgerton, will be under a lot of stress each social season. But what makes them say that?

Of course, Violet's eight children will play their part in adding gray hair to her coiffure. In fact, they've already started. Regency London high society was a place where rules and social norms meant everything. So it was easy to cause a scandal, which the Bridgerton siblings seem to be very good at.

If you're ready to be spoiled, here's a list of all the social scandals caused by Violet's children, from A to H, as seen on screen and written in the books.


In the book, Anthony is caught sucking bee venom out of Kate's chest, which leads to their engagement. As you may recall, in the show it was even worse, Anthony almost married Kate's sister Edwina, but the bride ran away from the wedding.


In the show, Benedict has already been involved with some scandalous people. And if his story is like the novel, he is set to marry far below his station, which will force him to move to the country. On top of that, he has to bail his love interest out of jail at one point.


Colin is probably one of the least troublesome of the Bridgerton children. But he does marry Lady Whistledown, who is the terror of the ton. What’s more, there was a whole Marina thing in Season 1 that must have given Violet a few gray hairs.


We all remember when Anthony caught Daphne and Simon kissing in the garden and challenged the Duke to a duel. Violet may not have known about it at first, but the rumor must have spread. Also, the Duke and Duchess almost broke up because of a disagreement over having children


In the fifth novel, Eloise runs away unaccompanied to the estate of a potential suitor and stays there until her family finds her. Violet thinks she has been kidnapped, and part of her dies. Besides, the show provided additional drama with the whole Theo and Lady Whistledown column scandal.


The sixth Bridgerton is probably the least scandalous. She marries happily and leaves for Scotland during her very first social season. But the girl is dealt a rough hand. Later, her husband dies and she miscarries, which is certainly a cause for extreme maternal concern.


The fourth son is probably the most chaotic of the family. In his novel, he literally runs into a wedding and tells the bride he loves her. More than that, at one point he ties the girl up to buy himself some time to find a way to marry her. The embarrassment is off the charts.


Like her brother, Hyacinth pulls the craziest stunts in the books, but she is also the sneaky one, so she manages to avoid major scandals. She does, however, break into an Earl's house twice in the middle of the night and suspiciously moves her wedding to an earlier date to avoid a 7-month pregnancy.

So yes, our beloved Violet is in for some major nervous tension for years to come, God bless her.

Do you think the Bridgerton siblings' book scandals will find a place on the screen?