Will Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Ever Return To The Hunger Games Franchise?

Will Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Ever Return To The Hunger Games Franchise?
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The filmmakers are in. The main question lies in the source material.


  • Many fans wondering if TBOSAS sequel with Jennifer Lawrence is a possibility.
  • The actress expressed her excitement about reprising her iconic role.
  • A new movie is only possible if Suzanne Collins wants to continue the story of Katniss Everdeen.
  • It is doubtful that the author will ever take on the task.

As the premiere of Suzanne Collins' new film adaptation, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, approaches, longtime fans of the Hunger Games franchise are pulling out their old, dusty Mockingjay pins and getting ready to hit theaters on November 17.

It is exciting to return to Panem eight years after the release of the fourth film in the franchise. However, a lot will be different this time around. The new movie is a prequel set over 60 years before the events of The Hunger Games and will only feature two familiar characters, Coryo Snow and his sister Tigris.

Neither Katniss Everdeen nor any of the other original tributes will be returning, which is disappointing for fans. The buzz surrounding the prequel showed that the original film series still holds a special place in the hearts of many people.

So the question on everyone's lips is, will we ever see Katniss in a new movie? And what will it take for her to return?

Jennifer Lawrence is all in

If we ask the star, Jennifer Lawrence, she is all set to reprise her iconic role without missing a beat. Lawrence said that during several interviews and just recently reaffirmed it while talking to Variety.

‘Oh, my god — totally!’ the Mockingjay actress said when asked if she would be open to returning to the dystopian franchise. ‘If Katniss ever could come back into my life, 100%.’

So, what is the problem then?

Producer and director weigh in

Producer Nina Jacobson and director Francis Lawrence, who have been with the original franchise from the beginning and are now helming the prequel, discussed this with Yahoo! Entertainment.

Both are adamant that the only way Panem can be revisited after the rebellion and the abolition of the Games is if Suzanne Collins writes a new book.

‘I think that if for whatever reason [Suzanne Collins] had some thematic idea that made sense to tell another Katniss story, I’d be in, and then I’m sure Jen would be in.’ Lawrence said. ‘But it really all comes from theme and idea, and Suzanne.’

Jacobson echoed his words, adding her doubts that the author would ever want to return to Katniss' arc, which wraps up nicely.

‘If Suzanne has something to say, then she’ll write a book about it,’ the producer said. ‘Honestly, as much as I love Katniss, I think her story is complete. And I think that Suzanne feels that her story is complete.’

Given the time jump at the end of Mockingjay - Part 2, this statement makes a lot of sense. In order for Katniss's story to continue, the author will have to break up her happily ever after with Peeta. And do we really want that?

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