Will Harry Styles Return To The MCU? Kevin Feige Weighs In

Will Harry Styles Return To The MCU? Kevin Feige Weighs In
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The future of Eros is up in the air.


  • Ever since Harry Styles appeared in Eternals, his fans have been waiting for the musician to return to the MCU.
  • However, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is not ready to promise that.
  • He said that while all parties are interested in working together, there are many new characters waiting for their roles to be expanded.
  • Harry Styles played Eros, a member of the Eternals.
  • He may make a comeback in the sequel, if it is greenlit, or any MCU project involving space adventures.

Back in 2021, when Chloé Zhao's Eternals hit the big screen, audiences were pleasantly surprised to catch a glimpse of singer-actor Harry Styles in one of the film's post-credits scenes.

It was a great idea to add the vast army of Harries to the ranks of the MCU audience. But two years, seven movies, and six shows later, the fate of Styles' character remains up in the air, leaving fans to wonder if a few seconds of screen time is all the celebrity will end up getting in the MCU.

Unfortunately, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is in no hurry to dispel their doubts. While speaking with ET's Ash Crossan at the premiere of The Marvels, the CEO didn't give a definitive answer when asked about the possibility of Styles appearing in upcoming Marvel projects.

'He's excited. We're excited. We will see,' Feige said. 'You introduce a lot of new characters in a lot of movies and a lot of tags. Where do the tag folk reappear? That's a good question.'

Well, at least everyone is excited and not closing any doors, right?

Who did Harry Styles play in Eternals?

In what was his second acting role at the time, the musician appeared in Eternals sporting the costume of Eros aka Starfox. Like the main characters of the movie, Eros is an immortal synthetic being, genetically designed by the Celestials.

But unlike them, he ended up on Titan and joined a royal family, making him the adopted brother of Thanos, the title specifically emphasized in the post-credits scene. However, Eros and Thanos don't have much in common, as Styles' character chose to escape Titan and become an outlaw, traveling through space and having adventures.

The hilarious drunken troll named Pip, who we see pompously introducing Eros, is his companion, which he created himself.

What upcoming projects can Eros appear in?

When Eros materialized on the Domo and claimed to know where the other Eternals were, it was clearly a bridge to the sequel. However, the second installment of the franchise may not be greenlit due to the mixed reception of the first film, so Eros may become part of other MCU installments.

Since he is a space traveler, it makes sense to expect him to show up in projects where characters might encounter him during their adventures, such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor.

Given his connection to Thanos, Eros could also appear in future Avengers films. Probably fighting Kang. In any case, we would love to see the singer reprise his role. It is a perfect fit for him, after all.

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