Will Disney+ Era Introduce New Gadget For Doctor Who? 5 Fan Suggestions That Sound Perfect

Will Disney+ Era Introduce New Gadget For Doctor Who? 5 Fan Suggestions That Sound Perfect
Image credit: BBC

Ncuti Gatwa has already teased something.

Russell T. Davies has stated loud and clear that Season 14 of Doctor Who will be a kind of reset for the iconic sci-fi series. In addition to his return as showrunner, the show will now be distributed on a new streaming platform for American viewers and will therefore get a bigger budget. So let's call it the Disney+ era for now.

A new era means new perks for the Time Lord and his fans. The 2023 specials already marked the return of everyone's favorite David Tennant, introduced bi-generation, much bigger on the inside interior for TARDIS, and fresh design for sonic screwdriver.

What it hasn't done yet is bring in some new exciting gadget. Sonic screwdriver became part of the canon during the classic era, NuWho introduced the psychic paper. So the big question is, what technology or tool would be a cool addition for the Disney+ era?

Here are 5 suggestions that sound perfect for the Fifteenth Doctor and every incarnation that comes after him.

1. Psychic Glove

One of the possible new gadgets was revealed by Ncuti Gatwa during his interview with BBC Radio 2. The Fifteenth's actor said that the Doctor will have a so-called 'psychic glove' to help him in his adventures.

While he didn't go into detail, fans speculated that the glove could be related to the Gauntlet of Rassilon, a Time Lord weapon that has appeared in some Doctor Who media. The powerful device can alter history, removing objects and people from it. It can be useful to the Doctor, as it can undo changes to history.

Another theory is that the psychic glove can give the Doctor information about a person's memories and motivations when he touches them. Kind of fits the name, doesn't it?

2. Sonic Glasses

The Twelfth Doctor had the sonic sunglasses, which replaced his sonic screwdriver and was mainly used to scan things. This led fans to believe that a separate scanning device would be a useful tool for the Time Lord to quickly identify who or what was in front of him. The sonic glasses seem perfect for this.

3. Personal Shield

The Doctor visits different places, but he usually doesn't bother going to planets whose atmospheres require environmental suits. So some kind of personal shield or environment that the Doctor and his companions can carry with them and activate when protection is needed could expand the range of interesting places they go.

4. Sonic TV Remote

The new design of the sonic screwdriver reminded many fans of a TV remote control. And the idea that the Doctor might have a device that could manipulate reality (freeze time, speed up or slow down events) captured their imagination.

On top of that, the Fourteenth is now a stay-at-home uncle, so if the show is going to feature him again, it would be nice to give him some entertainment like the interdimensional cable in Rick and Morty, in which case the sonic TV remote is a must-have.

5. Bessie

Instead of inventing something new, Whoniverse fans suggest bringing back beloved canon technology. We won't even mention K-9 here, because he's not a gadget, he's a very good dog.

The second most obvious choice would be one of the Third Doctor's vehicles. Bessie, for example, really fits the Fifteenth's 70s vibe.

What would you bring from the classic era?

Source: BBC Radio 2, Reddit.