Will Bridgerton S3 Fix The Sisterhood Issue That's Been Bugging Fans?

Will Bridgerton S3 Fix The Sisterhood Issue That's Been Bugging Fans?
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Representation matters.


  • Netflix's Bridgerton deserves all the praise it gets from millions of viewers, but there's at least one aspect of the show that doesn't sit right with fans.
  • While the first two seasons have had quite a bit of focus on the brotherly relationships, all sisters have been featured in some sort of rivalry.
  • Fortunately, the show still has a chance to improve on this alarming trend.

Netflix's Bridgerton got its high ratings, audience love and massive fan base for a reason. The Shondaland creators took the clichéd period romance genre to a new level with amazing casting, stunning cinematography, well-choreographed steamy scenes and the right balance of fluff and drama.

But there's one aspect that's been bothering fans for the past two seasons. While the Bridgerton brothers get plenty of attention and fun bonding scenes, all of the sister relationships on the show feel strained, to say the least. Let's take a closer look.

Daphne & Eloise

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The only two Bridgerton sisters who have been in the spotlight on the show so far are Daphne and Eloise. But their relationship can hardly be called sisterly or even friendly. At times, Eloise has been a little mean to Daphne, looking down on her desire to find a good husband and have a happy family.

As for Daphne, she was so wrapped up in herself in Season 1 that Eloise's concerns (or anyone else's, for that matter) didn't bother her. We later saw her being a wise sister, but that only applied to Anthony and his shenanigans with the Sharma sisters.

All in all, Daphne and Eloise are nothing more than the 'perfect, beautiful sister and the not-like-other-girls sister who don't get along' trope.

Kate & Edwina

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In the source novel, the Sharma sisters have a close, supportive relationship. And they seemed to be that way on the show, too, until a man came between them. For the sake of a season-long love triangle, the showmakers completely butchered the beautiful dynamic featured in the book.

Instead of noticing Kate and Anthony's chemistry before anyone else, Edwina was completely oblivious (it even got to the wedding, for God's sake!). Instead of being supportive, Edwina was childish and self-centered. Instead of getting her own love story with a happy ending, she got nothing. And Kate seemed fine with that.

The Featherington Sisters

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Another example of failed sisterhood is the Season 3 lead, Penelope Featherington, and her older sisters, Prudence and Philippa. Both older girls are portrayed as vapid, shallow and mean. Of course, many of Featherington's scenes are done for comic relief, but at least some warmth in the family would be nice.

Something similar to a sisterly bond happened between Pen and Marina in Season 1, but we all know where that went in the end. Plus, the showrunners cut the youngest Featherington daughter, Felicity, the one sister the book Pen was actually close with.

Season 3 Possibilities

Now do you see why Bridgerton needs to fix this alarming trend? The show about relationships completely lacks one type of it. It almost tells viewers that sisters can't be friends. And that is an example of poor representation.

Fortunately, Bridgerton has plenty of opportunities to do better in this area in Season 3. We know from promo materials that the recast Francesca is getting a bigger role in the show. And her relationship with Eloise is strong in the books.

Also, the new Viscountess Bridgerton Kate is now part of the family and may play an older sister role for the younger Bridgertons. Let's hope for the best. All eyes are on the new showrunner, Jess Brownell.