Will American Horror Stories Season 3 Have More Episodes And When?

Will American Horror Stories Season 3 Have More Episodes And When?
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There are rumors of five more episodes to come.


  • American Horror Stories Season 3 premiered four episodes this year as part of Hulu's Huluween event.
  • The new installments are star-studded, have a new vibe, and a deep reflection on current social issues that left many viewers wanting more.
  • Rumors circulating on social media say that Season 3 will have five more episodes.
  • The probable release date for Season 3 Part 2 is the summer of 2024.

This year's spooky ride has been a little more muted for viewers of FX on Hulu. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's horror projects American Horror Story and its companion show American Horror Stories aired new episodes in time for Halloween, but their number was reduced.

If with American Horror Story Season 12 titled Delicate, it is clear that we will have to wait for the continuation of the story to be produced after the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, the fate of the spinoff is not so direct.

Huluween event featured four episodes

American Horror Stories Season 3 premiered four episodes on October 26 as part of Hulu's Huluween event. Here are their titles.

  • S3E1: Bestie
  • S3E2: Daphne
  • S3E3: Tapeworm
  • S3E4: Organ

The anthology took an interesting turn in the new season. All four episodes are star-studded, stand-alone stories that address some of the current social issues and provide sometimes satirical, sometimes horrifying commentary on humanity and our everyday experiences.

Bestie is a reflection of people's obsession with social media, which can manipulate us and bring out our dark side. Daphne is about the threat of artificial intelligence and is a take on a global pandemic and social isolation that we've experienced in 2020.

Tapeworm is about beauty standards and the lengths women are willing to go to meet these unattainable standards.

And Organ demonstrates the horrors of online dating and delves deep into the theme of people using each other for their own gain.

All in all, there is a strong Black Mirror vibe to the new season, and many fans have praised it. Now everyone wants to know if there will be more.

Did you enjoy the social commentary in American Horror Stories Season 3?

Season 3 rumored to have five more episodes

While FX and Hulu haven't made it official yet, the rumor circulating on social media is that Season 3 will have a Part 2 consisting of five more episodes. The X account American Horror Source even tweeted the titles of the future installment:

  • S3E5: Backrooms
  • S3E6: The Thing Under The Bed
  • S3E7: Howl
  • S3E8: Clone
  • S3E9: Leprechaun

The account reports that Backrooms had already started filming, but the actors' strike halted production. Considering that the show's page on IMDb lists Backrooms among the Season 3 episodes, there's no reason not to trust the source on X.

When will Season 3 Part 2 premiere?

Unless the studio's and creators' plans for American Horror Stories change, which is doubtful given that the spinoff feels so much stronger than the parent show at this point, filming on Season 3 can resume once the actors' strike is over.

If it happens this year, the production team will have plenty of opportunities to premiere the second part in 2024, probably in the summer, like Seasons 1 and 2. This is partially confirmed by the sources and the IMDb page, which lists 2024 as the premiere date for Backrooms.

Source: X, IMDb.