Wild Fan Theory Fixes Many Issues With The Barbie Movie

Wild Fan Theory Fixes Many Issues With The Barbie Movie
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What if it is not just a doll coming into a real world?


  • The Barbie film has become a cultural phenomenon of this year.
  • However, the movie has many problems and discrepancies that might make the viewing experience not so pleasant.
  • Redditors recently proposed a theory that actually explains many of Barbie's plot holes and makes the movie much deeper and more enjoyable to watch.

If we were to go into the future and see how 2023 is written in the history books, the pop culture section would probably say something like 'the year the Barbie movie came out.' Or something about Barbenheimer.

In any case, Greta Gerwig's Barbie has already made her mark on history by breaking numerous records. So the majority of viewers prefer to turn a blind eye to the issues raised by the story of Barbieland facing real-life challenges.

Meanwhile, all these flaws and discrepancies may be indicative of a deeper story going on within the story.

Fan theory proves Barbie is deeper than it seems

Redditor u/Crazy_Performance_54 recently took to the social platform to pitch their theory about the Barbie movie. And surprisingly, it gives a perfect explanation for even the weirdest things that happen on screen.

The viewer noted that the male employees on the Mattel board act so bizarre and out of the norm that they must be dolls, brought from Barbieland to the real world to work at the company that created them.

User u/FirstGonkEmpire took the theory a step further, speculating that the entire Barbie movie may have a second layer to it.

What if the whole story is in fact about a little girl playing with dolls? Probably her older brother was treated differently or allowed to do something she was not. So she reflected that injustice, which she perceived as sexism, in her play by imagining that her room was Barbieland and the rest of the house was the 'real world,' where her favorite Barbie had to go to 'fix' the discrimination.

How theory solves movie problems

Barbie is an entertaining movie with a strong cast and amazing sets. But the characters feel two-dimensional, and the commentary on gender roles, feminism, and patriarchy is oversimplified and kind of childish.

However, if we imagine that the story is really about a girl trying to get a grip on the real-life issue using the toy logic of her Barbies and Kens, all the details fall into place. In her world, sexism is easily fixed by further dividing the two genders and cutting Kens off from any kind of power.

And if you don't agree with this fan theory, how else would you explain all of Barbie's problematic twists and plot holes?

Source: Reddit.