Who Will Be Rick And Morty's Main Antagonist Now That Rick Prime Is Off The Table?

Who Will Be Rick And Morty's Main Antagonist Now That Rick Prime Is Off The Table?
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There are four possible candidates.

The most recent Rick and Morty episode showed that with the loss of his mortal enemy Rick Prime, Rick C-137 has lost his appetite for adventure. This seems to be the main message of all revenge stories: even though the hunt is over, the pain lives on.

In S7E5, Unmortified, Rick and Morty surprisingly teamed up with Evil Morty, who returned to the C-137 multiverse to defend his new home and reluctantly helped capture and kill Rick Prime because it was the shortest route to his own goal.

The gory murder scene raised a lot of questions about Rick's arc and the show's overall storyline going forward, the main one being who will be the new big bad now? Rick and Morty are kind of superheroes, and heroes can't operate without supervillains, right?

Well, in Dan Harmon we trust, but it is also a perfect moment to speculate. Here are four antagonists that could fuel Rick's spark and the show's main storyline in the future.

Evil Morty

Of course, the first antagonist that comes to mind is Evil Morty. In Unmortricken, he proved to be much smarter and stronger than any of the Ricks we know. And that definitely puts him on the radar.

But Evil Morty also showed that he is not so evil after all. He just has one ultimate goal - to escape the multiverse-sized prison under the control of his abuser. So unless Rick C-137 interferes with Evil Morty's plans, it's unlikely he'll strike first.

The Council of Ricks

We know, we know, the Citadel was ultimately destroyed after Evil Morty left. But as long as there are Ricks and Morties, there is a possibility that it will be rebuilt. And its new government will undoubtedly want to hunt down the one man who is a threat to its existence, Rick C-137.

Rick Prime

Rick Prime seems to be dead. But is he really? We know from the show that the Ricks have all kinds of insurance against death, from a healing garage to special resurrection rays to an army of clones.

If Rick Prime has used any of these tricks, he will likely return with a revenge plan of his own, setting up an epic battle between two Ricks.

Toxic Rick

Probably the most important villain in the storyline set up over the past six seasons is none other than Toxic Rick. When we say that name, we are of course referring to the dark side of Rick C-137.

Rick has proven time and time again that he is the most destructive force in the galaxy. And his main battle is against his own evil side. We don't know how this will play out on screen, but there's no doubt that the Rick and Morty creative team will come up with something spectacular.

Who do you think is Rick's main opponent?