Who Might The Newest Bridgerton S3 Cast Member Play? Main Fan Theories

Who Might The Newest Bridgerton S3 Cast Member Play? Main Fan Theories
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This is no love triangle, we can tell you that much.

The detective agency that is the Bridgerverse fandom continues to work, and the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike has brought some intriguing casting news for Bridgerton Season 3.

X user RompRomance, known to fans as an incredible Bridgerton sleuth, uncovered a new face that will appear in the upcoming episodes: Andrea Valls is set to play a new character named Ambrosia.

'In 2023, Andrea has so far been cast in series 3 of BRIDGERTON for Netflix as Ambrosia, playing opposite Luke Newton,' the actress' Spotlight profile says.

If those words made you think of a love triangle, don't worry. The profile also shows that Valls worked with director Tom Verica, who we know helmed the last two episodes of Season 3, which will consist of eight entries like its predecessors.

This means that the love triangle between her, Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton (who will most likely be married by Episode 7) is out of the question.

So who might the newcomer with such an exotic name be? Here are the main fan theories, in order from least to most plausible.


Since Andrea has dual British/Spanish nationality, fans theorized that she might be cast as Benedict Bridgerton's future love interest Sophie, and her Spotlight profile meant to say Luke Thompson instead of Luke Newton.

People often confuse the two Lukes, but what are the chances of that?

Someone from Colin's travels

The Spanish background made fans think that Ambrosia might be someone from Colin's past. Since we know that the third Bridgerton visits Spain during his off-screen travels, he might have a history with the young woman.

Presumably, Ambrosia will be shown in flashbacks in the final episodes of the season, or Pen and Colin will travel together on their honeymoon.

Will Mondrich's employee

RompRomance theorized that since the actress is followed on social media by only Luke Newton, David Mumeni, Joe Barnes, and Martins Imhangbe of all the cast members, and the character's name is not preceded by 'Miss' or 'Lady' in the profile, Ambrosia could be a barmaid or someone similar at Will's club.

A Featherington cousin

The most popular and plausible theory among fans is that Ambrosia is one of the Featherington cousins.

First of all, the name sounds like something this chaotic family would choose for their daughter. Second, the actress looks a lot like a certain redheaded character in the leaked photos from the Season 3 set in Greenwich.

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Obviously her hair is different and her eyes seem darker, but otherwise the resemblance is uncanny. Do you agree?

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Do you agree that the most plausible theory is that Ambrosia is related to Featherington?