Where Did Loki and Sylvie's Romance Go? EP Weighs In

Where Did Loki and Sylvie's Romance Go? EP Weighs In
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Apparently the plot didn't allow for anything, but the love is still there.


  • Loki and Sylvie's relationship, which saw exciting development in Season 1, was never picked up and explored in Season 2, much to the disappointment of fans.
  • Executive producer Kevin Wright explained that there was simply no time in the action-packed season for the romantic scenes, but in fact the characters never stopped caring for each other.
  • Wright added that it was actually Loki's love for Sylvie and Mobius that led him to sacrifice himself in the finale.

Loki Season 2 has come and gone, leaving viewers stunned and cheering. It was truly one of the best TV projects for the MCU and easily topped Season 1 by tying up all the loose ends and storylines and answering even the most confusing questions.

However, one group of viewers was left hanging. Fans who were rooting for the exciting and, let's face it, exotic pairing of Loki and Sylvie after their crazy on-screen chemistry in Season 1 got nothing of the sort in the six episodes of the subsequent season.

Did you think Loki and Sylvie's romance was missing in Season 2?

There was some awkwardness when they met after their one and only kiss and the killing of He Who Remains, but Sylvie, now rocking her new 1980s-inspired hairdo, seemed determined to stay as far away from Loki as possible.

If she could, she would probably never set foot in the TVA again, love or no love. So where had all the chemistry and romance gone?

It would be out of place, says Kevin Wright

Loki's executive producer Kevin Wright addressed fans' concerns in an interview with According to the EP, the love between the characters never stopped, but the action-packed season could not fit in any romantic shenanigans, confessions and long talks.

‘I think ultimately the stakes were so high. It's hard to slow down and have smoochie-smooch romantic time together,’ Wright said. ‘It would feel forced and unnatural to slow down and give them romantic time together. You get to do that on [Loki Season 1 episode] Lamentis because they're stuck on a train!’

Wright added that the kiss at the end of Season 1 was really a breakup act. Already then, the two knew that even though they were two versions of the same god, they would never see eye to eye on the whole TVA business and life in general.

Loki's love for Sylvie is his greatest drive

Well, this actually makes sense. Given the end of the story, being happy in love and in a healthy relationship (if that's even possible for the God of Mischief) would only muddy the sacrifice he makes in the finale.

You can't become the god of the entire multiverse if you're tied to a very real person. At the same time, it is Loki's love for Sylvie and his TVA friends that triggered his transformation, according to Wright.

‘Loki would only do what he does at the end because he cares about [Sylvie] because he cares about Mobius more than anyone he's ever cared about,’ the EP said. ‘So I don't think it's about pulling back on anything’

It seems like everything that happened between Loki and Sylvie was necessary for his arc. It was preordained, you might say. In this case, Sylvie served as Loki's impetus, his reason to look deeper into himself and change, something he himself had been for the Avengers in the past.