When Is Soon? The Bridgerton Fandom Trigger Word Has Returned

When Is Soon? The Bridgerton Fandom Trigger Word Has Returned
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At this point, 'soon' is not enough.


  • Bridgerton fans were expecting to hear about Season 3 after the actors strike ended.
  • However, all they got was a short reply from the Netflix France account on Twitter.
  • 'Soon, promise,' the account wrote in response to a plea for new information.
  • The studio has been promising new updates for months now, but nothing happens and it infuriates fans.
  • Netflix needs to stop ignoring Bridgerton and give some real announcements and promo materials.

The actors' strike has come to a happy end and the massive Bridgerton fandom has been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for updates about the third season of the beloved series that is set to revolve around Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton aka Polin.

However, it looks like they have been waiting in vain, as Netflix is not going to break the radio silence and dedicate any Polin announcements to the end of the strike.

The studio rushed to social media to promote its new future projects and summarize the results of this year's Geeked Week, but the Bridgerton accounts remain as silent and lifeless as in the past months.

The only official update

The only update that made fans more angry than hopeful came from the official Netflix France account on Twitter. When a follower asked for any information on when Season 3 might be released, the account replied with two short words.

'soon, promise,' they wrote.

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Well, that's the word the Bridgerton fandom is tired of hearing. Netflix started using 'soon' and its derivatives (such as 'in the coming weeks') in reference to Bridgerton around the summer of 2022, when it was only a few months after the Season 2 premiere.

Now, over a year, only a few updates, and many 'soon''s later, fans aren't going to put up with empty promises anymore.

'Did they hear us collectively roll our eyes,' a fan commented on the reply.

The time has come for some real updates

It's been almost 20 months since Bridgerton Season 2 premiered, and you'd think by now fans would have all the information they need about the Polin story and a few exciting teasers to drool over.

But in reality, the Bridgerton drought has been almost unbroken. All the fans got from official sources was a premise for Season 3, a few hints and four first-look stills. Even that was a long time ago and couldn't satisfy the hunger for new information.

Now that the Hollywood strikes are over, Netflix is giving updates on many popular shows, including their premiere windows. But it somehow manages to ignore its flagship romantic series, which has become worrying for fans.

Will Season 3 premiere at all? And if so, when should we wait for the release? When will the new teasers and trailers arrive? Will the cast be involved in the promo campaign?

All these questions need to be answered asap. Not 'soon', asap.

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