What To Expect From The Boys Season 4 After Gen V's Explosive Finale?

What To Expect From The Boys Season 4 After Gen V's Explosive Finale?
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Here are our top five predictions.


  • The finale of Gen V Season 1 was full of action, blood and unexpected twists, but most of all it built a bridge to The Boys Season 4.
  • We expect Cate and Sam to become members of The Seven.
  • The Gen V finale showed that Homelander has nothing holding him back, and that means his psychopathic tendencies will be out in full force in Season 4.
  • The Boys universe is on the brink of war between Supes and humans.
  • Billy Butcher and the team will embark on a mission to find the Supe-killing virus and possibly free Soldier Boy and the students of God U.

Eric Kripke and his team have done it again. Gen V Season 1 ended on a high note with plenty of gore, great action, heartwarming cameos and amazing twists that no one saw coming.

The team-up between Cate and Sam was unexpected but very natural, and their actions caused battle lines to be drawn among the God U students. In addition, the appearance of two original adversaries, The Homelander and Billy Butcher, set a great stage for The Boys Season 4, which is expected to premiere in 2024.

Here are five key storylines coming straight out of Gen V that we expect to see in the new The Boys episodes.

Cate & Sam in The Seven

After praising Cate and Sam as the new Guardians of Godolkin, it is natural to assume that Homelander will welcome them into The Seven, which has many vacancies. After all, in Homelander's mind, by freeing the prisoners of The Woods and making 'Supes First' their mission, these two have become the perfect allies for him.

Homelander goes wild

While in the first three seasons Homelander's psychopathic nature was kept in check by Vought's control and fear of falling ratings, now that he's killed an innocent bystander in front of a crowd, nothing seems to stop him.

There's no doubt that the Supe will face some kind of trial for the murder, but the chances of him being convicted are nil. And that will give him a precedent and even more power. The way Homelander dealt with Marie and her friends shows that he has already lost all fear.

Supes vs. Humans

The slogan 'Supes First' was heard more than once in Gen V, and it fits perfectly with Homelander's own beliefs. The way he divided and treated the God U students shows that the Supe is already building an army of like-minded followers.

It is not clear what his plans are yet, but we can speculate from Victoria Neuman's arc that Homelander has the government in his sights.

The Boys in search of the virus

There is no doubt that Butcher visited The Woods in the final moments of the Gen V finale to find traces of the virus that can kill Supes. He was tipped off by Grace Mallory, who got the information from Dean Shetty.

Since the last existing sample of the virus ended up in the hands of Victoria Neuman, we expect the Boys to go on a mission to find and seize it in Season 4.

Marie, Jordan, Andre, Emma in The Boys

They will probably not be a big part of Season 4, but we expect the Butcher's Boys to eventually realize that they need the help of the God U students and find a way to free them. It is also possible that they will go on a mission to free Soldier Boy and find the kids imprisoned in a neighboring cell. It would be logical to put all 'dangerous' Supes in one facility, right?