What's Next? Virgin River Showrunner Breaks Down Present And Future of Mel's Dad Storyline

What's Next? Virgin River Showrunner Breaks Down Present And Future of Mel's Dad Storyline
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What did Mel's dad want to tell her?


  • The Virgin River holiday specials feature pivotal points for some major storylines.
  • Among other significant developments, Mel has found her biological father.
  • He turned out to be a recluse living on the outskirts of town.
  • Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith explained that the creators decided to add a new character to refresh the dynamic of the show.
  • In the future, Mel's father will play an important role in the series and pose some issues for the protagonist.

Congratulations, Virgin River fans. The holiday specials of our favorite romantic series are here, just in time for the start of the Advent calendars. And they are everything we asked for and more.

The holiday decorations and music get you in the spirit, the couples ooze amazing chemistry, the families are, well, families, and magic is in the air. More than that, we got major developments in some important storylines.

Charmaine finally gave birth to twins. Lizzie and Denny are looking forward to having a baby. And of course, Mel found her biological father.

Who is Mel's father?

Since September, fans have been wondering who this mysterious old fling of Mel's mom's is. After an adorable quest that Mel and Jack embarked on together, the name was revealed. And it's someone we've never met before.

Everett Reid is a recluse who doesn't attend social events and lives in a cabin on the outskirts of town. This possibility has been speculated about by fans, but has never made it to the top of the lists. After all, there are a few Virgin River men of the right age who could be an exciting choice.

In the interview with Glamour, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith explained why the creative team decided to go this way. And he seems to know who the main fan choice was.

'Doc was the obvious choice, but Doc has played so well in her life as a surrogate father that it would feel, I think, pointless to then just attach it to biology. So we decided it was more interesting to create a new character that could establish new dynamics for season six for all of our characters and everybody in the cast,' Smith said.

The reunion between father and daughter was anything but smooth. At first, Everett, who is a bit rough around the edges and reserved, refused to even acknowledge Mel, which felt like a rejection. But in the final moments of the specials, he came to Mel's door to talk his way into her life.

Virgin River wouldn't be Virgin River if it didn't end on a cliffhanger. Everett explained that Mel was the spitting image of her late mother, and it broke his heart all over again. That's why he was so reluctant to let her in.

But before they can build a relationship, he had one important thing to tell her.

What could that be?

Well, we will have to wait until Season 6 to find out what this confession is about. And Patrick Sean Smith didn't give it away either. But he did give a hint.

'What we'll learn will create some issues for Mel in having the relationship that she wants with her dad, within the town and its population,' he said.

That's cryptic, but we can theorize that it's some kind of big scandal or past history that has cut Everett off from the townspeople and may be the reason why the local community is not eager to let him join.

In any case, Smith confirmed that Everett will be a major character in Season 6 and part of many character arcs. So we will find out what his problem is at some point. Sooner rather than later, we hope.

Source: Glamour.

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