What's New In K-Dramaland? Best 2023 K-dramas, according to Redditors

What's New In K-Dramaland? Best 2023 K-dramas, according to Redditors
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Ten shows to add to your must-watch list and where to stream them.

South Korean television is conquering the global broadcast and streaming scene. More and more viewers are getting hooked on K-dramas. And major streaming services are happy to provide the content that keeps users glued to their screens.

The libraries of Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and other popular platforms are being stocked with dozens of popular and original South Korean series. And it can be hard to navigate through all the titles if you are still new to K-dramaland.

Luckily, we have seasoned viewers who are happy to recommend the best of the best on social media. Here are ten K-dramas that premiered in 2023 and are sure to make your evening of binge-watching as exciting as it can get, according to fans on Reddit.

Must-Watch 2023 K-Dramas

  1. Moving (Disney+, Hulu) - Probably the most talked about K-drama of the new fall season. A group of high school students discover that they have superpowers inherited from their parents. Now they must escape the clutches of a mysterious organization that is hunting them down.

  2. The Worst of Evil (Disney+, Hulu) - A gritty and violent tale of an undercover cop who infiltrates a drug smuggling ring in the '90s.

  3. Revenant (Disney+, Hulu) - A young woman is possessed by an evil virgin spirit, and a folklore professor tries to save her. The spooky story is filled with the lore of different types of Korean ghosts.

  4. The Glory (Netflix) - A victim of teenage bullying seeks revenge on her tormentors years after graduating from high school.

  5. Good Bad Mother (Netflix) - A tragic accident leaves a cutthroat prosecutor with amnesia, turning him into a child in an adult body. This forces his mother to take care of him, healing their relationship in the process.

  6. King the Land (Netflix) - An enemies-to-lovers romance between a rich heir to a luxury hotel conglomerate and a highly professional hotelier.

  7. Daily Dose of Sunshine (Netflix) - A powerful drama about a kind-hearted psychiatric nurse and her patients.

  8. Behind Your Touch (Netflix) - A veterinarian with the ability to see into the past and a hot-blooded detective find themselves embroiled in a serial murder investigation.

  9. Twinkling Watermelon (Viu, Viki) Ongoing - A CODA teen who is a talented guitarist time-travels to the 1990s and joins a band with his new schoolmates.

  10. My Dearest (Prime Video, Viki) Ongoing - Two young people from noble families find love and hope during the difficult time of the Qing invasion of Joseon.

Source: Reddit.