What's In Store For Gi-Hun In Squid Game S2? 5 Jaw-Dropping Fan Theories

What's In Store For Gi-Hun In Squid Game S2? 5 Jaw-Dropping Fan Theories
Image credit: Netflix

Let's speculate.

Can you believe it's been almost 2.5 years since Squid Game first landed on Netflix and became the talk of the world? Even though Hwang Dong-hyuk's story of deadly competition felt pretty complete, its insane popularity ensured a second season and probably more.

The rumor has it we will be able to enjoy new episodes this year, so Squid Game fans are in an active speculation mode right now. Since the plot of the second season is being kept under wraps, we can only be sure of one thing: protagonist Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung-jae, will return to face the Front Man and try to destroy the deadly games.

But how exactly he gets there, and what awaits him in the upcoming season, is up to theories. Here are five mind-boggling theories suggested by fans on Reddit. Let's see if you find any of them plausible.

Theory 1: Gi-hun Enters a New Game

The protagonist's mission is clear. But how exactly will he manage to overthrow what has taken years to build and has a powerful support system? The creator hinted that Season 2 will feature a new set of games (with a new giant animatronic), so fans think Gi-hun will disguise himself and join as a competitor or as an employee of the Front Man.

Theory 2: Gi-hun Is Forced into the Battle of All Winners

The Front Man seems to be disturbed by Gi-hun's intention to intervene in the business, so he comes up with a plan to organize the grand finale, the competition where all the past winners are forced to participate (probably by kidnapping their loved ones). He will probably even don the green suit himself. After all, he is an ex-champion too.

Theory 3: Gi-hun Finds Out He Is Oh Il-nam’s Son

This theory is not as far-fetched as you might think. In several scenes in Season 1, the creator of Squid Game mentions his son and even draws parallels between him and Gi-hun. At the same time, we never saw the son on screen. So it could be that the entire Season 1 competition was designed specifically to connect Gi-hun to his dying father, who was posing as Player 001.

Do you think Gi-hun is Il-nam's son?

Theory 4: Gi-hun Becomes the Front Man

The story of the Front Man is intriguing and may actually foreshadow Gi-hun's own future. How did the participant who went through the hell that is Squid Game become its Front Man? What if he had a more compelling motivation than just greed for money and power? Season 2 could be dedicated to the similar journey of the Season 1 winner.

Theory 5: Gi-hun Organizes a Game For VIPs

Never forget that the Squid Game is first and foremost a reflection of social injustice. And the VIPs who pay for the competition represent everything that is wrong with the world. So if the creators go in this direction, the most satisfying conclusion would be if these people get what's coming to them and are forced to participate in their own survival competition.