Virgin River Fans Choose Favorite Storyline, Not Sold On Lizzie And Denny

Virgin River Fans Choose Favorite Storyline, Not Sold On Lizzie And Denny
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The creators of Virgin River better correct their course.


  • Season 5 of Virgin River left viewers with mixed feelings.
  • The main complaint is that the show's protagonists began to feel like supporting characters.
  • The fan poll that was organized to find out which storylines were of interest to the viewers proves that it is Mel and Jack that the fans want to see on screen.
  • Fortunately, the showrunner promised to fulfill this demand in Season 6.

Season 5 of Virgin River, released in two parts this fall season, left viewers with mixed feelings. On the one hand, there was a much-needed time jump, some long-awaited developments such as the birth of Charmaine's twins, and the first-ever Christmas specials, which were as Hallmark-esque as could be expected.

On the other hand, the show deviated even more from its previous seasons and instead of centering around the main couple, Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan, shifted the focus to the secondary characters and subplots.

Brie had a tough trial to testify in and the whole love triangle thing with Brady and Mike. Doc dealt with his and Hope's health scares, bonded with Denny, and had work disagreements with Cameron. Cameron started a relationship with Muriel, Denny with Lizzie, Preacher with Kaia. Lizzie found out that she was pregnant. And everyone suffered from a devastating forest fire.

As for the main characters, their storyline took a very dark turn with the miscarriage twist that ruined the season for many fans. Apart from that, there was the mystery of Mel's father, which unfolded in the Christmas episodes. Other than that, Mel and Jack felt like supporting characters to many viewers.

What storylines are fans interested in?

While Season 6 of the Netflix romantic hit is still in the early stages of writing, fans took to Reddit to discuss the recent episodes and find out which storyline managed to grab their attention. The poll, organized in the Virgin River subreddit, yielded some pretty predictable results.

Here are the plot lines that keep viewers watching Virgin River, ranked from least to most interesting.

6. Charmaine

5. Lizzie and Denny

4. Cameron and Muriel

3. Hope and Doc

2. Brie, Brady, and Mike

1. Mel and Jack

Considering everything above, the poll results are not really surprising. Jack and Mel are the essence of Virgin River, the main reason why viewers watch the show. And fans want to see the protagonists interact on screen and take a break from the tragic events that seem to follow one another.

The only other storyline that fans care about is the love triangle between Brie, Brady, and Mike, which has just gotten spicier with Brady's new girlfriend's conspiracy against him.

In contrast, Charmaine, Lizzie and Denny's arcs seem to be the ones most viewers would gladly skip. Charmaine has been in the spotlight too long with her pregnancy drama, and fans don't need that to happen with Lizzie.

Showrunner hears fans

Fortunately, Virgin River showrunner Patrick Sean Smith seems to pay attention to the comments and demands of the fans.

'Everybody wants more Mel and Jack,' he told Deadline recently. 'We have 12 series regulars, and there's a large ensemble to service but I think, and I told Martin and Alex as much, I was like, You guys got more coming up.'

Hopefully, Smith and other writers will deliver on these promises and make Virgin River Season 6 a real Mel and Jack fest.

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