Unpopular Opinion: Bridgerton S3's Two-Part Release Isn't So Bad

Unpopular Opinion: Bridgerton S3's Two-Part Release Isn't So Bad
Image credit: Netflix

Let's try to turn Netflix's lemons into lemonade.


  • When the Bridgerton Season 3 premiere was finally announced, many fans were upset with Netflix.
  • The more than two-year wait, as well as the idea of a two-part release, didn't sit well with the show's massive fandom.
  • But there is actually another opinion which says that the split release might be a blessing in disguise for the fans.
  • There are few reasons for this.

Over the past few months, Netflix has managed to disappoint the massive Bridgerton fandom on several occasions.

While the bodice-ripping drama seems to be piquing viewers' interest, the streaming service has been in no hurry to provide fans with updates and promo materials following Season 2, which aired nearly two years ago.

The release of the long-awaited Season 3, dedicated to the friends-to-lovers story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton aka Polin, was apparently postponed several times, supposedly due to the Hollywood strikes. And it was only in December that the final premiere dates for the chapter were announced.

The premiere update annoys fans

The third entry will be split into two four-episode parts, to be released on May 16 and June 13. Although the announcement kicked off the countdown to the continuation of the beloved story, not all fans were happy to hear it.

First, the premiere dates exceeded even the most pessimistic fan predictions. When the Polin story finally comes out, it will be 2 years and 2 months since the Season 2 premiere.

Second, the idea of a split release doesn't sit well with many fans. Viewers are used to binging the show in one sitting and can't help but feel frustrated at having to wait a whole month between the two parts of the new season.

But there's another unpopular opinion that pops up here and there in Bridgerverse discussions. What if the two-part release isn't so bad?

If you find yourself wanting to close this article after these words, just hear us out. There are actually some very good thoughts that support this opinion.

Long wait calls for slow watch

The 2-year drought is no joke, so getting all eight episodes at once can be overwhelming. All that build-up and fumes, then a day of binge-watching and then another long hiatus before next season feels almost anticlimactic.

Eight hours of TV binging can be exhausting, and we all know we won't be able to stop no matter how many episodes are released. So the two-part premiere will take some of that pressure off.

The Polin hype

The longer release period prolongs the buzz around the new season. Netflix will have to support the hype by releasing promotional material, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage in the month between the two parts. After a long wait, Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan certainly deserve this victory lap.

The fandom sleuthing

The best thing about Bridgerton is its passionate, active fanbase that goes into a frenzy over even the smallest crumb. Imagine how much fun it will be to spend an entire month hunting for crumbs, spiraling, swooning over the first spicy moments, over-analyzing and speculating with fellow fans while we wait for Part 2. A truly unique experience.

How do you feel about the Bridgerton split release now?