Top Fan Theories About Who Eloise Might Befriend In Bridgerton Season 3

Top Fan Theories About Who Eloise Might Befriend In Bridgerton Season 3
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Which one sounds most plausible to you?

There's not much known about Bridgerton Season 3 other than a few hints, four first-look stills of the stunningly beautiful Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, who will be the focus of the season, and an official synopsis.

But even such scant information leaves plenty of room for speculation. One of the details of the synopsis that intrigues Bridgerverse fans is Eloise Bridgerton's Season 3 arc, or more specifically, her new friendship.

‘Eloise [...] has found a new friend in a very unlikely place,’ reads the synopsis shared by Deadline.

Fans find the remark important

Season 2 ended on a heartbreaking note. After learning of Penelope's secret identity as the gossip writer of the ton, Eloise became frustrated and decided to end their years-long friendship.

While fans hope that the girls will find their way back to each other, there's no doubt that Season 3 will see them feuding. And the description teases that Eloise is set to find a replacement for her closest friend and confidante.

More than that, fans think it should be someone important to the story, or why mention that person at all? If you are thinking along the same lines, here are five major fan theories as to who the new, unlikely friend of Eloise's might be.


If Eloise's arc is meant to add to Penelope and Colin's story, it is possible that she will befriend Cressida Cowper.

We know there's bad blood between Pen and Cressida, and the latter may be set up to become the Season 3 antagonist and blackmail Lady Whistledown. Her friendship with Eloise could jump-start that storyline.


Fans are certainly hoping to see Theo Sharpe back on screen. The chemistry between him and Eloise was off the charts in Season 2, and one could argue that they were not technically friends at the time.

So it is possible that Eloise and Theo will be reunited in the upcoming episodes.


Fans are eagerly awaiting the introduction of Benedict Bridgerton's future love interest, Sophie. If their story is anything like the book, Sophie will eventually serve as a maid in the Bridgerton household.

Thus, fans have theorized that Eloise may befriend the maid and eventually trigger her and Benedict's arc.

Lady Tilley

Season 3 introduces an interesting new character, Lady Tilley Arnold, a wealthy widow who enjoys her self-sufficiency and sexual freedom. Fans have speculated that she will be Eloise's new friend, enticing her and embracing her interest in female emancipation.


While not a surprise to fans of the source material, viewers of the show may not expect Sir Phillip Crane (Marina Crane's husband) to be Eloise's future love interest.

So fans think that the two could start their relationship with friendship already in Season 3. The 'unlikely place' in this case would be correspondence. In the novel, Phillip and Eloise begin as pen pals.

Source: Deadline.