Tomer Capone's Audition For The Boys Was As Action-Packed As His Arc

Tomer Capone's Audition For The Boys Was As Action-Packed As His Arc
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The fan-favorite star found himself in a very real life-threatening situation during the audition.


  • Frenchie is a fan-adored character in Prime Video's The Boys.
  • Much of his charm comes from Tomer Capone's brilliant portrayal.
  • The actor was always so natural in the role that he got into real trouble already during the audition process.

Let's face it, when it comes to picking your favorite character on The Boys, you're going to have a hard time.

The show is so good at developing character arcs that every Supe from the Seven and every vigilante from the Boys has a small army of fans on one side and plenty of haters on the other. The Boys just blur the line between good and evil, protagonists and antagonists.

But there's at least one character who has almost no haters. How can you not love Tomer Capone's Frenchie?

Tomer Capone worked hard for the role

On paper, the drug-dealing, bomb-making, hit-for-hire, gun-running jack-of-all-trades should not be a sympathetic hero. But Frenchie turned out to be so complex, redeemable, and surprisingly relatable that we couldn't help but fall in love with him and his relationship with Kimiko.

Of course, much of Frenchie's charm lies in his portrayal by Tomer Capone. Despite being an Israeli actor, Capone managed to bring the French accent and mannerisms without being ridiculous.

In his chat with The Wrap, the actor shared how hard he worked to create this wild yet lovable image of a tortured vigilante. He went to funky places to hang out with weird people, he studied Garth Ennis' comic like it was an instruction manual, he peppered Eric Kripke with questions, he even kept a personal journal as Frenchie.

But in reality, the role has always come very naturally to Capone. At his first audition, he was so believable that the police almost arrested him.

The audition that nearly went wrong

Tomer Capone recalled the story of his audition for The Boys in an interview with The Wrap. And what a story it is! It could easily be something from The Boys.

Capone had to shoot and send a video in a very short amount of time. So he enlisted his friend to help him shoot a clip in her backyard in Tel Aviv.

The scene was a feud between Frenchie and Butcher over Translucent and Capone had to wave a fake gun around. The audition was going great and Capone was on fire when something unexpected happened.

'We did this crazy scene … and did one take, two takes, three takes, and I'm really into it, when in the midst of, I think, the second or third take a group of undercover police with their badges [are] coming into her yard with real guns drawn at us like, "Throw the gun down,"' the actor recalled.

Just imagine. One minute you are acting and in character, the next you have a very real gun pointed at you. As it turned out, one of the friend's neighbors saw the scene and thought it was a real crime.

Luckily, one of the policemen had seen Capone's previous project and recognized him, so the commotion was quickly resolved.

'Luckily, I didn't get my head blown off,' Capone said, and we couldn't agree more.

Source: The Wrap.

In your opinion, is Frenchie one of the best characters in The Boys?