This Joke You Never Noticed Needs To Become Recurring Thing In Bridgerton

This Joke You Never Noticed Needs To Become Recurring Thing In Bridgerton
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Oh, the things we miss on the first binge!


  • Bridgerton is a highly bingeable show, which makes it easy to miss some hilarious details.
  • For example, fans recently noticed a hilarious scene that was part of both Season 1 and Season 2.
  • It shows an amusing trend in the Bridgerton family dynamics, and now we wish it would become a recurring joke of the show.

Bridgerton is hands down one of the most bingeable shows available to the modern viewer. Once you start the first episode, it seems impossible to tear yourself away from the screen until the final credits roll.

But the entire season in one sitting is no joke, so it's easy to miss some of the delicious little details the series is packed with. With beautiful, meaningful framing, well-thought-out designs, and multi-layered scenes like the Pall Mall game in Season 2, the Bridgerton creators have certainly made an effort to make every second of each eight-episode season count.

One such detail was recently noticed by fans on Reddit after multiple viewings. And we bet you never paid any attention to it before.

Hyacinth's Wit

Redditor u/ArrivingSomewhereBut noticed that each of the first two seasons had a hilarious scene involving the youngest Bridgerton child, Hyacinth.

While we haven't spent too much time with the three youngest siblings, it seems that Hyacinth is already displaying the character traits she has in Julia Quinn's source books. She's fiendishly smart and devilishly outspoken, as her love interest characterizes her in her solo novel, It's In His Kiss.

In the show, Hyacinth already has these qualities, as each season she manages to give her siblings a jolt with a fun simple question.

The First

In Season 1, Daphne is torn between Prince Friedrich, who is every girl's dream husband, and Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, who is her heart's desire. At one point, Daphne is leaning toward marrying the prince and goes to a boxing match to meet him. While discussing the matter with her mother afterwards, Hyacinth weighs in.

‘What about the Duke?’ she asks, meaning to ask if Simon was at the match.

The question apparently hits a nerve, and both Daphne and Violet snap at Hyacinth, shouting, 'What about him?'

The Second

A very similar scene occurs in Season 2 when Anthony decides to marry Edwina Sharma despite being madly in love with her older sister Kate. As the family discusses how Edwina will live with them in their mansion, Hyacinth bluntly asks, 'What about her sister?' meaning whether Kate will need a room as well.

'What about her!?' barks a startled Anthony, no doubt feeling that his youngest sister has somehow seen the feelings he is trying to bury deep within himself.

Recurring Thing

Whether intentional or not, these two tiny scenes create a hilarious trend in the dynamic between Hyacinth and her family. In one short question, she manages to highlight the main conflict of the entire season. Twice.

This joke is a perfect example of Bridgerton's hilarious writing and should definitely become the thing that happens in every season.

Just imagine, in Season 3, Colin and Eloise are having a conversation and Hyacinth, in her forthright style, asks, 'What about Penelope?' Imagine the jump these two would make. How hilarious would that be?

Source: Reddit.

Bridgerton Season 3 lands on Netflix in two four-episode parts on May 16 and June 13, 2024.

Do you love the idea of Hyacinth's unintentional remarks becoming a recurring joke in Bridgerton?