This Headcanon Actually Improves The Main Conflict Of Bridgerton Season 2

This Headcanon Actually Improves The Main Conflict Of Bridgerton Season 2
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What was your biggest gripe with the Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma story?


  • Bridgerton has had three major love triangles in its two-season run.
  • The one between Anthony, Kate and Edwina ruffled the fans' feathers the most.
  • It did all three characters dirty and destroyed the dynamic between the sisters.
  • However, there is a theory that the sisterly bond wasn't ruined after all.

Shonda Rhimes seems to have a special affinity for love triangle tropes, whether it serves the story or not. Thus, Bridgerton has already featured three major love triangles in its two-season run.

If the Daphne/Simon/Prince Friedrich and Colin/Penelope/Marina arcs served as catalysts for the main storyline and character development, the love triangle in Season 2 almost ruined the romance.

While Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma's enemies-to-love story was enticing and the chemistry between the leads was wildly electric, the love triangle between them and Edwina Sharma raised a lot of questions.

What's wrong with the Season 2 arc?

The story of a viscount who is committed to a loveless marriage and chooses the diamond of the season only to fall in love with her sister is exciting and full of drama. But it is a major departure from the original Julia Quinn's book.

This new arc did all three main characters dirty: Edwina came across as a spoiled, egocentric child. Anthony also seemed self-centered and somewhat abusive, not caring about anyone's feelings. And Kate was too tortured and put in a situation where she had to betray her own sister.

The bond between the Sharmas was simply slaughtered for the sake of the love triangle, which frankly was not necessary. There are other (and better) ways to create the enemies-to-lovers dynamic.

Also, the Anthony/Edwina storyline dragged on for most of the season and even got to the wedding, for crying out loud. That took precious time away from the Anthony/Kate arc, which is supposed to be the lead one, by the way.

Fortunately, we have a theory that actually improves on this disastrous trope.

The triangle was not real

The theory is that Anthony has been played, and Edwina and Kate made up the whole story.

Imagine this: the sisters realized from the beginning that Kate and Anthony were a perfect couple, but they saw the viscount's devotion to his inner demons. So when he approached Edwina, they decided to manipulate him into making a confession of love for Kate.

The sisters had to raise the stakes, hoping that Anthony would give in to his feelings for Kate. But when he proved to be a tough nut to crack, it all came down to the wedding.

Naturally, we understand there are many holes and discrepancies in this theory. But it saves the sisterly bond between Kate and Edwina and makes Season 2 all about Kate and Anthony's love. So why not accept it as headcanon?

What do you think of the Season 2 love triangle theory?