This Harry Potter Fan Theory Was So Wild, J.K. Rowling Had To Debunk It

This Harry Potter Fan Theory Was So Wild, J.K. Rowling Had To Debunk It
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Yet hundreds of fans found it plausible.


  • Over the years, Harry Potter has been the subject of numerous fan theories, but few have come to the attention of the series' creator.
  • One theory that emerged in the fandom after the publication of Order of the Phoenix was so intriguing and plausible that J.K. Rowling took to social media to disprove it.
  • Eventually, the books proved the theory wrong, but it remained a legend in the Wizarding World fandom.

Over the decades as a global cultural phenomenon, Harry Potter has been the subject of unparalleled fan attention. There seems to be nothing you can't find in the Wizarding World fandom archives, including numerous fan theories.

Some of these speculations are downright crazy and repulsive (you have to consume part of your victim to make a Horcrux). Others are so elegant that even J.K. Rowling approves of them (Dumbledore is Death in The Tale of Three Brothers).

In fact, the author rarely publicly addresses fan theories, and even more rarely directly debunks them. But there was one speculation that was so wild, and yet so popular in the fandom, that Rowling had to take to Twitter (now X) to disprove it with a short 'False Theory' message.

What is this theory about?

The roots of the theory are hard to find today. We only know that it was created between the publication of Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince, so the author based it solely on the facts from the first five books of the novel series.

With that in mind, the idea no longer seems as far-fetched as you might think. But let's get to it.

The theory is that Dumbledore is actually Ron Weasley, who came back from the future. Before you roll your eyes, hear what the creator has to say.

1. Similar Looks

The resemblance between Dumbledore and Ron is uncanny. They are both tall and thin and have long large noses and hands. Although Dumbledore's signature look is his silver hair and long beard, his younger version is described as having 'auburn' hair, meaning he was red like Ron. Also, both had a leg injury.

2. Passion for Sweets

Then we have the obsession with wizard candy. We know how much Ron loves it, and Dumbledore's passwords always sound delicious. Don't forget that it's Ron who helps Harry figure out the Cockroach Clusters password in Goblet of Fire.

3. Bertie Bott's Bean

On top of that, when Dumbledore recalls a story about how a vomit-flavored Bertie Bott's Bean he consumed in his youth caused him to give up the candy altogether, he forgets that Bertie Bott was born when he was over 90 years old and could not be considered young.

4. The Mirror of Erised

Now for the most tear-jerking fact. Dumbledore says that he sees himself in the mirror holding a pair of socks. And the author of the theory thinks this is a reference to the socks Ron always gets from his mother, but never appreciates. Obviously, his future self misses the warmth of his parents' home.

5. Too Much Knowledge

Dumbledore knows everything. He knows exactly when Harry will appear before the Mirror of Erised, where and when friends hide under the Cloak of Invisibility. He never trusted Tom Riddle and was sure that Sirius Black was innocent from the beginning.

It is never explained how Dumbledore does all this. But if we imagine that he is going through the events of the books for the second time, it starts to make a lot more sense, right?

Well, Deathly Hallows made that theory completely unrealistic. But not before hundreds of people believed it and J.K. Rowling took to social media to debunk it, making it something of a legacy for the Harry Potter fandom.

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